Gender Female
Occupation Kunoichi
Affiliation Burning Dawn
Weapon Tantō
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu 2

Yukihotaru (雪蛍), also known as the Ice Firefly, was a beautiful and deadly kunoichi who achieved a level of moderate responsibility within the Burning Dawn, and she was also the lover of Suzaku.


Yukihotaru and her soldiers attacked the Temple of Dreams (朱嶽寺) within Gohda territory and massacred its inhabitants, then claimed it as their own. Upon hearing of this, Azuma Shiunsai sent Rikimaru to reclaim the sacred temple and kill the invading ninjas. Rikimaru slowly made his way to the very heart of the temple, where he discovered Suzaku waiting for him. Before the two could fight, Yukihotaru appeared and offered to kill Rikimaru for her mate. She attacked and was quite skilled, but Rikimaru nevertheless bested her. Gravely wounded, she crawled to Suzaku and asked him to hold her, as she knew she was dying. Suzaku instead ruthlessly stabbed her, stating that he had "no love for weakness, only power." She then died at his feet.



Yukihotaru's in-game model.

Yukihotaru was a human and had no magical powers. Her primary weapon of choice was Tantō, that she wielded with great skill. Yukihotaru possessed a very economical style of fighting; She preferred to get very close to her victims and would then make short, vicious stabs and slices with her knife, although at times she would make lunges with the weapon as well. She was also very skilled with shurikens, and had the ability to throw multiple projectiles at once.

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • Yukihotaru is the end boss in the "The Temple of Dreams" level.