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Wang Xiaohai
Wang Dahai
Gender Male
Occupation Gang Leader
Affiliation Baolisung
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins

Wang Xiaohai (王小海) was a leader of the Baolisung, a band of Chinese pirates, along with his father, Wang Dahai.


The Baolisung accepted a contract from the Burning Dawn to kidnap villagers from various townships throughout the land of Gohda to use as slave labor for the construction of the Fire Demon. Xiaohai used a ship in an unnamed secret harbor to carry out his activities, while his father established a base of operations on Kubon Island.

After killing Kamadoma on Demon Mountain, Rikimaru came into possession of a map that led to the harbor. Under the cover of darkness he infiltrated the area and began silently killing off many Baolisung and Burning Dawn soldiers. At last he came to Xiaohai's ship and freed the victims imprisoned within, but before he could escape Wang confronted him and challenged him to a fight. Xiaohai revealed himself to be a kung fu master and fought with great skill and strength, but his abilities were insufficient to defeat the Azuma ninja. Rikimaru dealt him a mortal strike, and with his last blood-choked breath Xiaohai expressed disgust that he had been defeated by what he considered to be a "barbarian".


Wang Xiaohai was a human and possessed no magical powers or abilities. He kept himself in very good physical condition and was a master of kungfu. He fought bare-handed and utilized powerful punches and kicks, as well as leaping attacks. He would use two steel gauntlets on his wrists to defend himself from enemy attacks.