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Tenchu Z
Developer(s) K2
Publisher(s) From Software
Designer(s) Kiyoji Tomita
Masanori Takeuchi
Composer(s) Yoshikazu Takayama
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Release date(s) JP October 15, 2006
NA June 12, 2007
EU June 29, 2007
Genre(s) Stealth action
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer, system link
Rating(s) BBFC: 15
CERO: 18+
PEGI: 18+
Input methods Gamepad
Prev game (release) Tenchu: Dark Secret
Next game (release) Shadow Assault: Tenchu

Tenchu ​​One Thousand Wars (天誅 千乱 - Tenchū Senran?), released in North America as Tenchu Z, is the eighth game in the Tenchu series. It is different from previous games in the series in that the player creates their own ninja characters, then builds up their skills as they play through the game rather than choosing from a small selection of pre-made characters, as they take orders from the series' previous main male character, Rikimaru. It features four-player cooperative play through Xbox Live. The game contains 50 missions with different difficulty settings and objectives. Characters also have different attributes (which are strength, agility and health) that can be altered to the player's liking.


The House of Gohda, where the Azuma Ninja Clan of ninja reside under the service of Lord Gohda, is on the brink of war with the neighboring country of Ogawara. As a new recruit in the Azuma clan, the protagonist is sent to assassinate those who are assisting Nagayori Ogawara, including army officials and spies who have infiltrated the House of Gohda, as well as recover stolen items and rescue prisoners. In between thwarting country of Ogawara's plans, the protagonist also receives missions in which he or she eliminates "evil" people such as abusive monks, gangsters and greedy merchants.


Gameplay is relatively the same as the previous games in the series. The main difference is that players create their own character and unlock new skills, items and clothing for him or her as the game progresses. Only one fighting style is available: a ninjato that can either be set with slower but more damaging attacks (the same as Rikimaru's in previous games) or faster and weaker attacks with different animations. The unlockable skills however are more varied, with most of them making their first appearance in the series while others return from previous games with some tweaks. Certain skills can be upgraded twice, enhancing the protagonist's abilities beyond those of the characters from previous games.

Enemies can now hear the protagonist's footsteps if he or she runs too close to them (indicated with 聴 kiku "to hear") and they may hear the footsteps from a greater distance if the protagonist runs on noisy surfaces such as a puddle of water. They can also smell the protagonist if he or she falls into a cesspool (only found during some missions; after the protagonist emerges from the cesspool, a brown haze surrounds him/her, indicating that the player can be detected by smell at a certain distance) or is covered with blood from an earlier fight (indicated with 嗅 kagu "to smell"). Unlike the previous games, lighting is also a factor here as the protagonist is less likely to be spotted while standing or crouching in a dark area.

Character customization

Character Customization in Tenchu Z

The game's character edit features are quite in-depth, allowing you to use gold obtained by doing well in missions both in single player and multiplayer to purchase new aesthetic styles for your ninja, new abilities, items to use during missions, and different special attacks to use in combat, in addition to combo-editing abilities.


In January 2007, Microsoft announced they would be publishing Tenchu Z in North America. A demo is available on the Japanese Marketplace, which, in North America, was later included in its original Japanese language form on the Holiday 2006 demo disc of Official Xbox Magazine. In June 2007, the demo was made available on Xbox Live Marketplace in the remaining regions.


  • Victory celebration

Hold Up, Down, Left, or Right after completing a mission before the "Mission Completed" screen appears to do one of four alternate victory poses.

  • Alternate costumes

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock the secret costumes. The costumes are Foreign Set 1 (white), Foreign Set 2 (green), Foreign Set 3 (forest camo) and Foreign Set 4 (winter camo and red).

  • Modern Army costume

Successfully complete all 50 missions under the Hard difficulty setting with a Ninja 5 rank.

  • Special Costumes

Kill 50 Tomikichi to unlock the Special Costumes, which include the Lion Costume (face), Hotdog (sheath) and Kite and Flag (accessory).

  • Lurk and Feet abilities

Get 1,000 Stealth Kills.


  1. Path of the Ninja
  2. Before the Wind Blows
  3. Recover the Bombs
  4. Gather Information
  5. Cross the Bridge
  6. Punish the Greedy Merchant
  7. Steal the Matchlock Gun Designs
  8. Stray Dog Slaying
  9. Eliminate the Gangsters
  10. Kill the Shameful Monk
  11. Break Through the Checkpoint
  12. Punish the Corrupt Official
  13. Steal the Ronin List
  14. Punish the Evil Merchant
  15. Infiltrate the Inner Mansion
  16. Pursuit of Echigoya
  17. Daylight Battle on Deck
  18. Purge the Foreigners
  19. Kill the Unworthy Monk
  20. The Silencer
  21. Recover the Secret Documents
  22. The Rescue
  23. Recover the Secret Teachings
  24. Expose the False Landlady
  25. Assassination of Vassal
  26. Wind on a Moonlit Night
  27. Contorted Night
  28. Kill the Ninja Master
  29. Kill the Greedy Merchant
  30. Recover the Bombs
  31. Kill the Thieves
  32. Save the Captive Agent
  33. Information Gathering
  34. Kill the Agent
  35. Punish the Extremist
  36. Stealer from the Shadows
  37. Dead Calm at Dusk
  38. Wipe Out the Enemy
  39. Break Through the Checkpoint
  40. Infiltrate the Inner Mansion
  41. Find the Secret Documents
  42. Wipe Out the Enemy
  43. Punish the Corrupt Administration
  44. Assassination of Vassal
  45. Requiem for Fireflies
  46. Merciless Destruction
  47. Hammer of Judgment
  48. Purging Flames
  49. Twilight Duel
  50. Divine Punishment - Tenchu



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