==Opening Movi == The scene opens to Rikimaru kneeling before Azuma Shiunsai at the exit of the cave in the last level, The Training Course. Azuma is facing away from Rikimaru when he tells him:

Azuma Shiunsai: Theives and mountain bandits have joined forces to prey on local farmers. They lurk in an abandoned Village. Attack them by daylight, when the bandits are gone ad the theives are sleeping.

Azuma turns around to face Rikimaru.

Rikimaru: Yes Master

Loading ScreenEdit

The Gang of Theives

  • Never spill the blood of the innocent!
  • Drive out the gang of theives and save the village.
  • Find the gang's leader in the Shinto Shrine.

Mid-Mission MovieEdit

The scene opens with a innocent lady being tied up and forced to dodged knifes.

Lady: Help!

She dodges more knifes.

Lady: No! Please!

The camera turns to find that Garan: Leader of the Theives is the one throwing the knifes.

Garan: Ha ha ha ha! Dance, woman!

Lady: Please, stop!

Garan: I'll stop when you die!

Garan is about to slash the lady when Rikimaru jumps in and blocks the attack.

Garan: Wha? Who are you?

Rikimaru: The heavens demand retribution and I will deliver it.

Ending MovieEdit

If Mission is completedEdit

The scene opens with Garan coughing up blood.

Garan: Oh! (Someone) Where are you? When I need you...

Garan collapses dead on the floor. Rikimaru is about to walk away when the lady shouts on him.

Lady: Wait, please! Who are you?

Rikimaru: I am a shadow. I have no name.

Rikimaru jumps away from the building and leaves the woman alone.