Prologue Edit

Act I: The Red Lotus

The senior Lord Gohda's death launched a vicious struggle for power: a series of battles and betrayals worse than any in Japan's bloodstained history.

How? Lord Gohda left all the power and glory of his title, the riches of his empire, to his son Matsunoshin. But Lord Gohda's brother, a man named Motohide, believed himself to be the rightful heir. Motohide was able to bribe certain samurai to his side and immerse the empire in civil war.

Gohda family advisor Sekiya Naotada responded the only way he could. He called for the Azuma Ninja.

Opening Movie Edit

Part One Edit

The scene opens at night in the Azuma Ninja village. Ayame and two other young ninjas are all walking towards Azuma Shiunsai's house.

Ayame: Huh? What are you two doing here?

They all stop in front of Master Shiunsai's front door and kneel before the entrance. Shiunsai steps into view carrying a sword.

Master Shiunsai: My students, rebellion has broken out in the House of Gohda. Our honorable Lord Gohda is in danger from his own uncle, Sire Motohide.

While Shiunsai is speaking, the camera jumps sequentially to each of the younger ninjas. The first is introduced as Rikimaru: Azuma Ninja, then to Ayame, and finally to the third, slightly older ninja introduced as Tatsumaru: Azuma Ninja.

Master Shiunsai: If the lord we serve falls to a dishonorable traitor, we Azuma Ninja will stand for nothing. Go to Gohda Castle, and protect Lord Gohda with your lives.

There is a short moment when no one speaks, then Shuinsai changes subjects to the sword he has been holding.

Master Shiunsai: This is the ancestral sword Izayoi...

Shiunsai holds the sword out from himself, toward Tatsumaru.

Master Shiunsai: The spirit of the Azuma Ninja.

Tatsumaru slowly stands and accepts the sword.

Master Shiunsai: Tatsumaru, it is yours. Today you replace me as Master Ninja. May honor guide your hand.

Ayame, Rikimaru and Tatsumaru speak over each other.

Tatsumaru: Master...
Rikimaru: What...
Ayame: No...

Master Shiunsai: The powerful must know when to pass along their power. As you three graduate to new roles, I also ascend.

The three younger ninjas again speak over each other.

Rikimaru: Very well.
Tatsumaru: I obey.
Ayame: Yes, master.

Part Two Edit

The scene opens (presumably only a few hours or less after Master Shiunsai gave Tatsumaru the Izayoi) with an aerial shot of Gohda Castle, which is on fire. It is still nighttime, but it is now also raining.

The camera shifts to a courtyard where Motohide's ninja and samurai are seen killing guards and civilians alike.

The camera shifts again to another courtyard. A single female servant is staggering away from the carnage. A samurai falls off the roof, dead, but she slowly keeps moving.

Rikimaru, Ayame and Tatsumaru drop down around her. The servant falls down to the ground in surprise.

Servant: (screaming) Please don't kill me!

Rikimaru: We're here to help.

The servant stands back up.

Servant: Oh, thank goodness! His lordship is still inside. So are Lady Kei and Princess Kiku.

Rikimaru: Let's go.

Tatsumaru: Ayame, find Lady Kei and the Princess. Rikimaru, come with me. We must rescue Lord Gohda.

The ninjas proceed to run off at an inhuman speed. Ayame even jumps onto a rooftop in a single bound.

Loading Screen Edit

  • Lady Kei and Princess Kiku are trapped somewhere in the castle.
  • Your mission is to find them and protect them from harm.
  • Only the soldiers loyal to Motohide will be in armor.