Tenchu Wiki

Opening Movie

Scene opens with Ayame and Master Shiunsai under the waterfall in the Azuma Ninja village. Ayame is kneeling while Shiunsai is standing with his back turned.

Azuma Shiunsai: Mountain bandits are hiding in an abandoned village near hear. When night falls, you must chase the bandits away.

Ayame: But master, bandits? They're filthy! Have you ever smelled one? Ick!

Shiunsai turns to face Ayame.

Azuma Shiunsai: Ayame...

Ayame: (sulking) Just kidding, I'm going.

Ayame stands up.

Loading Screen

  • Never spill the blood of the innocent.
  • Your mission is to drive out the mountain bandits.
  • Find the leader of the bandits before he finds you.

Boss Movie

Scene opens with Ayame standing with her blades drawn. She has reached the hideout of the bandit leader. He approaches on horseback, carrying a large hammer, then gets off his horse.

Bandit Leader: Ha, ha, ha, ha! Look here, a pretty little flower among the weeds.

Ayame: You're the head idiot around here, aren't you?

Bandit Leader: I am the mighty Boron. I lead the mountain bandits.

Ayame: Knew it.

Boron: Huh? How?

Ayame: I'll tell you in a minute.

If Ayame Defeats Boron

Scene opens with Ayame facing Boron with her blades drawn. Boron is standing with his arms stretched upwards, looking towards the sky.

Boron: Oh, oh!

Boron falls down dead.

Ayame: I knew you had to be in charge because you stink worse than the others.

If Boron Defeats Ayame

Scene opens with Boron standing over Ayame's corpse.

Boron: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Boron is unbeatable!