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Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins
Birth of the Stealth Assassins Cover
North American cover.
Developer(s) Acquire
Publisher(s) Activision
Designer(s) Takuma Endo (director)
Writer(s) Mikasa Hiiragi
Artist(s) Koushi Nakanishi
Naoki Sudo
Composer(s) Noriyuki Asakura
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s) JP November 30, 2000
NA August 7, 2000
EU September 8, 2000
Genre(s) Stealth action
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) BBFC: 15
CERO: 18+
PEGI: 18+
Media CD-ROM
Input methods Gamepad
Prev game (release) Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
Next game (release) Tenchu 3
Next game (canon) Tenchu: Dark Secret

Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins (立体忍者活劇 天誅 弐 Rittai Ninja Katsugeki: Tenchū Ni?) is the second release in the Tenchu series. It is a prequel to the first game, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins and chronologically the first game. Tenchu 2 depicts the series' heroes Rikimaru and Ayame as teens, being taught by their elderly master named Shiunsai as well as another Azuma ninja named Tatsumaru. The game reveals how Rikumaru got the famous scar over his right eye.


Note: This is a description of the North American, English version of the second game in the Tenchu game series, for the original play station. This game is a prequel to the first game. Unlike the first Tenchu, this one is more plot oriented, however the entire plot is split between the three main characters. The following summery details the compiled plot of the three characters’ unique campaigns.

The main characters of the game(from left to right) Rikimaru, Ayame, Tatsumaru, and the main adversary Lady Kagami.


It is the age of the warring states. The old shogun has fallen, and samurai warlords fight savage battles for the right to hoist their flags over the great castles of Japan. But far from the battlefield, unseen and unheard, a different bread of warriors ply their deadly trade. Born in shadow, they will die as shadows. They are the ninja.” -Tenchu 2 Narration

The story begins in the Azuma Ninja village. Two young ninja, Rikimaru and Ayame, are now becoming young adults and are eligible to be given the final test of their ninja skills. After diligently training in the village, they return to their master, Azuma Shiunsai, and ask to be tested. They are dropped into the secret underground passage. Once each ninja finds the exit, they are greeted by master Shiunsai and given their first real assignment. A group of thieves and a group of bandits have joined forces to prey on local farmers. Rikimaru is first sent out to eliminate the stealthy thieves and their leader during the day, while they are asleep and the highwaymen are busy. Ayame is given the second task, to take care of the bandits at night, after they have arrived to find their colleagues dead.

Act 1 – The Red Lotus

The senior Lord Gohda’s death launched a vicious struggle for power, a series of battles and betrayals worse than any in Japan’s blood stained history. How? Lord Gohda left all the power and glory of his title, the riches of his empire, to his son Matsunoshin. But Lord Gohda’s brother, a man named Motohide, believed himself to be the empire’s rightful heir. Motohide was able to bribe certain samurai to his side, and immerse the empire in civil war. Gohda family advisor, Sekiya Naotada, responded the only way he could; he called for the Azuma Ninja.” - Tenchu 2 Narration

The three young ninja (Tatsumaru, Rikimaru and Ayame) are summoned by their master, Azuma Shiunsai. He briefs them on the current attack on Gohda Castle by his Lord’s Uncle, Gohda Motohide, and Shiunsai orders them to protect their Lord, Gohda Matsunoshin. He passes on the ancestral sword of the clan, Izayoi, to Tatsumaru, thereby promoting him as well.

The three arrive at Gohda castle to find it overrun by Motohide’s troops and enemy ninja. A wounded woman tells them that the main members of the family are still alive. Ayame searches for Lady Kei and Princess Kiku. Rikimaru joins Tatsumaru in the search for the new Lord, Gohda Matsunoshin. While running, Tatsumaru witnesses an enemy ninja climbing the castle. He orders Rikimaru to continue the rescue while he runs back to investigate.

Tatsumaru finds a tall woman performing a saber dance on top of one of the castle towers. She attacks and he cuts away her clostume, to reveal her. She tells him her name, Lady Kagami, master of the Nyogetsu Ninja Clan. Tatsumaru recognizes the clan, and that they are rivals under Lord Yoshisada Toda. She recognizes his sword and his new rank. She offers him a place among her ninja, that the ninja may rise to power above the warring samurai, and be free from control. Tatsumaru refuses, and Lady Kagami leaves Tatsumaru to fight one of her lieutenants, Seiryu the Blue Dragon. Tatsumaru wins.

Meanwhile, Rikimaru searches through the burning halls of Lord Gohda’s castle. Finally he discovers a duel between Gohda Motohide and the new Lord, Gohda Matsunoshin. Motohide argues that Lord Gohda is not strong enough. Gohda disagrees, gains the upper hand and disarms Motohide. However he lowers his sword. Motohide draws a flintlock pistol and shoots Lord Gohda. Rikimaru begins to battle Motohide. After Motohide is disarmed a second time, Rikimaru attempts to deliver the final blow, but is surprised when Lord Gohda jumps between the two in mid slash and takes Rikimaru’s strike across his back. Motohide escapes as Rikimaru attempts to apologize to Lord Gohda. Jubei Tachibana, Lord Gohda’s swords master, advises them to leave via the secret exit. Lord Gohda does so when he is told that his wife and daughter are being rescued.

Ayame finds his Lord’s wife and daughter too late. After Motohide escaped, he too went looking for Lady Kei and Princess Kiku. Upon finding them he took the princess hostage and murdered Lady Kei in front of Ayame. Ayame starts to challenge Motohide, but is thrown off by the appearance of the large and rather dim witted Genbu, the great turtle, lieutenant of Lady Kagami. Genbu attempts to beat up Ayame, but he fails, attempts to escape and gets stuck. Ayame dislodges him with a strong kick and he falls. When he lands, he yells his thanks to Ayame for not killing him. With her dying breath, Lady Kei says “my Ayame… a ninja…” and she gives Ayame two bells and instructs her to “take care of Kiku”.

Tatsumaru finds Ayame and Lady Kei. Ayame quickly explains the situation, and rushes off to find Princess Kiku. Tatsumaru runs into Naotada Sekiya and passes on the news of Lady Kei’s death and Princess Kiku’s kidnap by Motohide. Jubei comes in and tells them that Lord Toda’s troops are gathering at the boarder of the province. All three realize that Motohide betrayed Gohda to his rival Toda. Tatsumaru confirms this by reporting that he saw one of Toda’s high ranking Ninja. Tatsumaru then volunteers for the mission to kill Lord Toda.

Lord Gohda looks back at the burning castle and laments the loss of his home. Naotada Sekiya arrives on horseback and passes along the news of Gohda’s wife and daughter, and the battle that is brewing just at the boarders. Gohda believes himself responsible for it all. Rikimaru, seeing the anguish of his Lord, volunteers to kill Motohide.

Ayame arrives at Toda’s War camp and spies on Motohide’s final meeting with Lord Toda. Motohide says that he wounded Gohda and kidnapped his daughter and he asks for more troops, but he is denied. Toda murders Motohide, because Toda sees this as a chance to Seize Gohda’s small empire. He remarks “the wine of victory is sweeter when you don’t have to share it” - Yoshisada Toda. Ayame jumps down from her hiding place to catch the guard with Princess Kiku, but she is halted by Lady Kagami, but she shrugs off Ayame’s presence and runs off, leaving Ayame to search the camp for the hidden princess.

Tatsumaru sneaks into the camp and attempts to assassinate Lord Toda. Toda calls for two Guards and all three are dispatched by Tatsumaru.

Ayame finds Princess Kiku. When she wakes up, Kiku cries and asks for her mother. Ayame hands her the bells, and Kiku becomes overjoyed calling them her “sisters’ bells”. The bells were made by her mother, Lady Kei, for her and her “sister” to help them become like real sisters. Evidently, Ayame could be Lady Kei’s daughter, that (within the context of this game) was sent to live in the ninja village, and Kiku is at least her half sister.

Rikimaru arrives last, after stealthily getting across the camp, he comes before Toda’s war tent. Before he can make it inside, he is blocked by a third lieutenant of the Nyogetsu Ninja, Suzaku the red sparrow. Suzaku distracts Rikimaru while Lord Toda and Tatsumaru fight. Suzaku runs off after taunting Rikimaru, that he “might actually become a worthy opponent”.

Toda is defeated by Tatsumaru. Lady Kagami, comes, lifts up her master, Toda, and decapitates him. She answers Tatsumaru’s incredulous remarks with “I am my own master”. She brings her former master’s head to a cliff, lights it on fire, and tosses it over. In the distance six more fires ignite, presumably signaling the deaths of more masters. This is “the birth of the Burning Dawn”, a movement to overthrow samurai, for a land ruled by ninja and other subservient mercenaries. The two argue.

Rikimaru makes it to the war tent and stumbles on the corpses of the two lords and their men. Rikimaru, Ayame and Kiku run to investigate the sounds of a duel. They witness Tatsumaru in mortal combat with Lady Kagami, whom they know nothing about. Ayame runs to get a better look, but the rocky cliff crumbles, dropping both master ninja into the sea. Both wash up on a beach and Kagami revives Tatsumaru for a final Duel, but he is weak and has no memory. She saves him as an act of compassion.

Act 2 – The Shifting Sands

After falling into the turbulent seas, Tatsumaru was saved by Kagami, the very enemy he sought to kill. After two months of tender care at the hands of Kagami’s Servants, His body fully recovered, but his memory did not. And so, with no recollection of his previous existence, he begins a new life as one of the Lords of the Burning Dawn.” -Tenchu 2 Narration

Lady Kagami brings Tatsumaru to head quarters of the Burning Dawn. She announces that he is her newest lieutenant, and that he will replace Seiryu. Seiryu (Tatsumaru) is accepted by the other three Lords. Kagami sends him on a missionto capture more people to work as slaves on something she calls the “Fire Demon”. She gives him the mask of the Blue Dragon and tells him that “the dream” (of freedom from the shogun) must always take priority.

Three months have passed. Gohda Castle was saved by a well timed rain shower, just as the house of Gohda was saved by the Azuma Ninja. While loyal subjects repair the castle, Lord Gohda recovers from his wounds in the Azuma Ninja Village. All seems well, but the village’s heart is heavy, for there has been no news of Tatsumaru.” - Tenchu 2 Narration

Lord Gohda sends Ayame on a mission to retrieve civilian villagers that are being taken to a deserted island. Rikimaru is sent on a separate mission, to a high mountain village where the inhabitants are being terrorized by demons.

Ayame swims to the deserted Island, and while searching, Ayame finds it heavily guarded. She sees a group of villagers being unloaded from a boat, onto the island, by Chinese pirates.

Rikimaru arrives to find a man being bullied and knocked out by one of the mountain demons. Rikimaru makes the climb up the mountain, only to find it overrun with these humanoid demons. Rikimaru finds the villagers and sets them free. When one of them attempts to give him something, that villager is killed by the leader of the demons, Kamadoma, who is also helping the Burning Dawn. Rikimaru calls him a murderer for killing an unarmed man. Rikimaru gains the upper hand and kills Kamadoma. Rikimaru finds the dying villager, and he gives Rikimaru a map to the “Secret Harbor.”

Ayame searches the rest of the island and she finds a small prison at the top of the island. She sets the villagers free and is then attacked by Wang Dahai, leader of the Chinese pirates / slavers. Ayame defeats him, and then she’s confronted by Genbu, the same man that she spared at the burning castle. Genbu has come to invite her to the Burning Dawn, all the while describing “the dream” and their master, Lady Kagami. However, Genbu fails to convince her.

When Seiryu (Tatsumaru) returns to the Burning Dawn’s base, Lady Kagami tells Seiryu that the Azuma ninja have discovered the location of the secret harbor. She tells him to go to the harbor and protect the slaves working on “The Fire Demon”. Rikimaru goes to the harbor and discovers that the place is over-run with the same Chinese slavers that Ayame fought earlier. Rikimaru fights his way through and frees more captives being held on a Chinese Junk (ship). After freeing the peasants, he is ambushed by Wang Xiaohai. Seiryu (Tatsumaru) arrives to find the harbor now guarded by Lord Gohda’s troops. Tatsumaru silences every soldier near the harbor, before finally killing the elderly samurai Urano Takehito on the deck of the Chinese Junk. Rikimaru defeats the Chinese Pirate and he reacts quickly to the second silent intruder, Seiryu (Tatsumaru). Tatsumaru draws his sword, but Rikimaru recognizes the blade of his former brother. Seiryu removes his mask to reveal his identity, as unknown to himself, Tatsumaru. Rikimaru expresses his relief that Tatsumaru is not dead, but he doesn’t remember the Azuma clan, and he claims, “I’m Seiryu, one of the four lords of the burning dawn”. Rikimaru tries to remind Tatsu that he is their leader. Tatsumaru lowers his weapon and says, “I have no time to talk to a madman,” and he escapes.

Rikimaru Returns to the Azuma Village and reports all of the information that he has gathered to Master Shiunsai. They do not know the true reason for Tatsumaru’s betrayal, but theorize that he may truly have forgotten everything. Lord Gohda interrupts the meeting to tell the two ninja that the temple has been taken by a group calling themselves “The Burning Dawn”. Shiunsai and Lord Gohda order Rikimaru to go on this mission.

Tatsumaru returns to Lady Kagami to report the loss of the harbor. Lady Kagami, angry at this, as well as the mountain village, sends Tatsumaru to kill the sick and dying villagers of Gohda’s secret Quarantine Village. Gohda, fearing the reveal that he had forcefully isolated these people to contain diseases, sends Ayame to watch over the village.

Rikimaru arrives at the temple, where he finds Suzaku, the red sparrow. Suzaku springs a trap and Rikimaru is forced to duel Suzaku’s partner, and possible lover, Yukihotaru, the ice firefly (kunoichi of the burning dawn). When she is unsuccessful in killing Rikimaru, Suzaku stabs her in the throat, stating “I have no love for weakness.” Rikimaru asks what The Burning Dawn has done to Tatsumaru, but Suzaku only reveals that “he chose to throw off the shackles of his former life.” Rikimaru does not believe his statements. Suzaku confuses him and ultimately escapes when Rikimaru receives a message, via carrier pigeon, that the Azuma Village is under attack.

Ayame finds the Secret Village already conquered by several enemy ninja and the inhabitants wiped out by Tatsumaru. Tatsumaru Speaks with Lady Kagami. Kagami attempts to keep a cold façade, but she breaks down when she is questioned by Seiryu (Tatsumaru). Tatsumaru attempts to console her. she reminds him of his duty and Lady Kagami orders him to burn down the Azuma village. Ayame spots him and runs up to Tatsumaru. Still, Tatsumaru does not remember anything and he is bewildered by Ayame’s joy. She tries to talk, but he ignores her. When she follows him, she is blocked by the Slug, the Frog and the Snake. She kills all three of them and she receives a message, via carrier pigeon, that the village is under attack.

Rikimaru makes it back to the village to find the members of the Burning Dawn slaughtering the village elders. At first, he confronts Kagami, by criticizing her lack of morals. However, she remains stubborn, and claims that she has mastered her emotions (although this is proven to be false in Tatsumaru’s story). Rikimaru, fights back a horde of enemy ninja and he finds Master Shiunsai and lord Gohda fighting ninja in the house of his master. They order Rikimaru back to help the rest of the village.

Tatsumaru finds Master Shiunsai and Gohda in the house. He punches Lord Gohda in the chest hard enough to knock him out, and then Tatsumaru duels Master Shiunsai. Tatsumaru defeats him. After Siunsai is dead, Tatsumaru finally feels guilt and loss, but he still does not remember his past. Rikimaru comes back to find Tatsumaru standing over the bodies of Shiunsai and Gohda. Rikimaru duels Tatsumaru to avenge his master and Rikimaru bests him. Tatsumaru is seemingly disarmed, Rikimaru raises his sword, but he cannot kill him. He stands frozen, then he stumbles and stops his sword in mid strike. Tatsumaru draws the clan’s ancestral sword slashes upward, giving Rikimaru his iconic eye scar. Rikimaru leaps away, and finds himself caught between Tatsumaru and Lady Kagami. Lady Kagami lectures him about mastering his emotions before they leave. Ayame returns just in time to find the village in ruins, to narrowly dodge the escaping Tatsumaru and Lady Kagami, and to find a wounded Rikimaru crying over the body of their dying master. In his final words, Master Shiunsai tells Rikimaru that he must retrieve the clan’s ancestral sword and that he must master his emotions. Lord Gohda returns to the castle, and Rikimaru begins the hunt for Tatsumaru with the help of the village dog, Semimaru.

Ayame Follows Tatsumaru and Lady Kagami to a hill, somewhat far away from the village. The pair begin to talk under a cherry blossom tree, when they’re interrupted by Ayame’s appearance. Ayame questions how Tatsumaru was converted to the “pack of losers”. Lady Kagami begins to shout back, but she is blocked by Tatsumaru. He points out that she was easily provoked, and that she momentarily forgot “the dream” in her emotion. Lady Kagami relents and leaves Tatsumaru to deal with Ayame. Ayame asks for answers, and if it is true that Tatsumaru was the one who killed Master Shiunsai.

Finally, Tatsumaru has a vision of Ayame as a young child and he remembers who he is, as well as his former life and friends. Ayame is at first glad of this, but Tatsumaru throws her back, stating that this is the way it has to be. He then warns her “if I see you again, I will kill you.”

Rikimaru finds Ayame waiting for him under the cherry blossom tree. Rikimaru tells her that he must kill Tatsumaru. At this, she jumps up and tells him that she must kill Tatsumaru. Rikimaru is surprised at this action, but concludes that she is not acting out of emotion. Still, though her choice may be selfless, she has not mastered her emotions.

They follow Semimaru to a bamboo forest where a large portion of the Burning Dawn is waiting for them. Making their way through the trees, they find Byakko, the white Tiger (the fourth lord of the burning dawn). He opts to fight Rikimaru and sets his own white tiger, Chiro on Ayame and Semimaru. Miraculously, the two young Ninja survive the fight and are lead further to a nearby cave that the Burning Dawn has been using as a secret base.

Rikimaru and Ayame explore the caves and battle their way through the burning dawn. They both come upon the ongoing construction of a massive, heavily armed war ship. They meet up in the flooded cave where the ship is being kept and they watch as Tatsumaru and Lady Kagami observe the ship. One of the enemy ninja interrupts them to alert Lady Kagami to intruders in the caves. Lady Kagami tells the scout to prepare to launch the ship immediately, and that they will target Gohda Castle. She says “Gohda is the last thing standing between us and freedom.” Tatsumaru and Lady Kagami board The Fire Demon. Rikimaru leaves to tell Gohda and the others at the castle, and Ayame agrees to stay on the ship with the enemy ninja. The ship is launched. After blowing a giant whole in the cliff side, the floating fortes emerges into the night, armed to take down the castle.

Act 3 – Solitude

After running day and night, Rikimaru reaches Gohda Castle, before The Fire Demon. Lord Gohda calls an emergency meeting of the nobles of the House of Gohda.”… “Lady Kagami sails her massive war ship, Fire Demon, toward Gohda Castle. The floating Fortes’ great cannon, Fire Ball, gleams darkly in the moonlight, as it takes aim at Gohda Castle.” - Tenchu 2 Narration

The ship comes in range of the castle and fires once into one of the towers. Many of the servants are injured.

Lord Gohda, amid the panic, announces that he will lead the attack. Ayame sees the damage from the ship and she vows that they will not hurt Kiku (her “sister”).

On one of the platforms of the Fire Demon, Kagami mentions to Tatsumaru that the new Lord Gohda is fighting more bravely than anticipated. Tatsumaru says he expects Rikimaru and Ayame to arrive soon. hearing both names, she realizes that Tatsumaru must finally have his memory back. She asks him why he returned and, in so many words, he says that even with his memory back he still believes that her dream is worth his death. When he attempts to walk away, she holds him back, and she confesses her love for him. He bids her, “farewell”, and runs to fight off Lord Gohda’s troops.

Ayame searches the inner ship for a way out, dispatching all of the enemy ninja that she can find. When she finds the door to the main deck, Genbu is guarding it. Ayame tells him to step aside, that Kagami and her "dream" isn’t worth protecting. Genbu says that he protects her, and “the dream”, because she treats him with respect and he wants to live in a world where he will not be treated like a “big dumb oaf”. Feeling that they have finally reached an impasse, Ayame fights Genbu to the death in order to protect the people of Gohda Castle. Ayame wins the battle and she laments Genbu’s death, because before the fight he revealed himself to be much more than a “big dumb oaf”. He was “Genbu the wise, Lord of the Burning Dawn” - Ayame.

While this is happening, Rikimaru swims and hops ships until he is close enough to the Fire demon. He finds Suzaku on the deck of one of the larger side vessels. Suzaku revels in the carnage all around the ship, and they begin to fight. When Rikimaru wins this battle Suzaku says that he is in fact the victor, because Rikimaru will grow as vicious and selfish as himself. Rikimaru, at last, masters his emotions and refuses to believe this confusion tactic. He centers himself and he says to the dying Suzaku, “I fight because I must.”

Meanwhile, Tatsumaru happens upon Jubei Tachibana. Tatsumaru is the victor, and he then waits for the ninja on one end of the ship. Ayame finds him first and despite his promise to kill her when they last spoke, she stays, with her Kodachi at the ready. In the ensuing duel, they find that they are an even match, and they disarm each other and knock each other back. Ayame is the first to rise. She finds the ancestral sword, Izayoi, near her and dashes over to Tatsumaru to hold him at Sword point. To her surprise Tatsumaru grabs the sword by the blade and thrusts it into his abdomen, answering her by saying “unforgivable crimes must be punished.”

When Rikimaru discovers Ayame, holding Izayoi, beside the dying Tatsumaru, she throws him the sword and he runs off to end the war, leaving Ayame to cry over the shock. Rikimaru finds Kagami performing a fan dance. She asks him “will you really put an end to my beautiful dream?” and he tells her “you killed the beauty of your dream with the ugliness of your methods.

Ayame contemplates suicide and lets herself fall forward off of the ship. Rikimaru beats Kagami. In the final cut-scene she tells Rikimaru, that her dream will not die because of fools like him. he says that he will “proudly suffer the title of fool” if he can save anyone from more bloodshed. Kagami crawls to die lying with Tatsumaru. Gohda’s troops burn the ship around them both and it subsequently explodes because of the blaze. Ayame, lying on a rather large piece of debris from the ship, decides to live because of her “sister” and a promise that she made.

Rikimaru and Ayame return to the cliff where they saw Tatsumaru fall and they both agree to return to Gohda Castle to continue protecting the house of Gohda; Rikimaru for Honor, and Ayame for her family. This sort of explains their personalities in the first Tenchu game, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins.

After the credits, Suzaku is shown, coming back to life on the burning ship where he died. He removes his blindfold to reveal that he is in fact Onikage.

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Returning features

Not just the Story Mode normal missions, following the special feature first debuted Tenchu: Shinobi Gaisen, Tenchu 2 also had the Mission Editor Mode, which allowed players to create their own levels, in more than 10 environments (I.E. Village, Castle, Cavern, etc). If you win the stage, the game gave you a code and unlocked the stage for the person changing it in the Mission Editor. Each Custom Mission costs 1 block in the PS1 memory card, which allowed not too many stages.



  1. The Training Course (忍びの里/試練を越えよ Shinobi no sato/Shiren wo koe yo)
  2. The Gang of Theives (盗賊団を始末せよ Tōzoku-dan wo shimatsu seyo)
  3. Treason at Gohda Castle (郷田城 内乱 Gōda-jō nairan)
  4. Lord Toda's War Camp (戸田の陣 Toda no jin)
  5. Demon Mountain (天狗の謎を暴け Tengu no nazo wo abake)
  6. The Secret Harbor (隠し港 Kakushi minato)
  7. The Temple of Dreams (朱嶽寺奪還)
  8. Ninja Village Under Attack (里を襲いし陽炎座)
  9. In Pursuit of Tatsumaru (龍丸追跡 Tatsumaru tsuiseki)
  10. The Kansen Caverns (灌洗洞窟 Kansen dōkutsu)
  11. The Sea Battle (海上決戦 Kaijō kessen)


  1. The Training Course (忍びの里/試練を越えよ Shinobi no sato/Shiren wo koe yo)
  2. The Mountain Bandits (山賊を退治せよ Sanzoku wo taiji seyo)
  3. Lady Kei in Danger (奥方の元へ向かえ)
  4. To Save a Princess (菊姫を救い出せ Kiku-hime wo sukuidase)
  5. Kubon Island (九煩島潜入 Kubon-tō sennyū)
  6. The Island Fort (九煩島の砦 Kubon-tō no toride)
  7. The Quarantine Village (閉ざされし村)
  8. Cherry Tree Hill (桜丘)
  9. In Pursuit of Tatsumaru (龍丸追跡 Tatsumaru tsuiseki)
  10. The Kansen Caverns (灌洗洞窟 Kansen dōkutsu)
  11. The Fire Demon (巨大船 焔口鬼)


  1. A Shadow (影を追え Kage wo oe)
  2. The Head of Lord Toda (戸田の首を取れ Toda no kubi wo tore)
  3. Labor Shortage (町人を誘拐せよ Chōnin wo yūkai seyo)
  4. Guarding the Secret Harbor (隠し港を護衛せよ Kakushi minato wo goei seyo)
  5. No Mercy (非道なる殺戮 Hidō naru satsuriku)
  6. Assault on the Ninja Village (忍びの里襲撃 Shinobi no sato shūgeki)
  7. The Final Dawn (終焉の陽炎 Shūen no kagerō)

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