Tenchu Wiki

Opening Movie

The scene starts with Rikimaru and the man he saved in the earlier level, Demon Mountain. They are in what appears to be in a house, and the man is lying on the floor, with Rikimaru kneeling beside him.

Man: Take...Take this.

Rikimaru: What is it?

Man: The map. It shows the Secret Harbor.

The man hands to him a sheet of paper. Rikimaru takes it.

Man: Please, save our village.

The man rests his head and uses his last breath. He dies, and Rikimaru stands up.

Rikimaru: Your death will not be in vain. I, Rikimaru, swear it.

Rikimaru opens up the map and looks at it. He looks back up.

Rikimaru: I've got to save those villagers.

Another scene opens and Rikimaru is in a mountain area, and spots two guards. He presses his back up against the wall.

Rikimaru: What is that?

Loading Screen

  • Look out for guards armed with rifles.
  • The Villagers are being held in a Chinese Junk. Set them free.
  • Lurk underwater and surpries your enemies.

Mid-Mission Movie

Rikimaru is inside a boat. He has rescued the villagers. One of them walks up to Rikimaru.

Villager: Thank you for saving us.

Rikimaru: Hurry, get out of here!

The villagers run away, and Rikimaru turns his head to see Wang Xiaohai: Baoliusung Gang

Wang: Rude person. In China, guests not leave without thanking hosts.

Wang walks over and goes into a fighting stance.

Rikimaru: Ah! But you are my guest while you are in Japan and you have overstayed your welcome. Rikimaru grabbs his sword on his back, ready for the fight.

Ending Movie

After the fight, Wang coughs up blood.

Wang: Defeated... *cough* by barbarian dog. I'm sorry father.

Wang collapses on the floor, blood going everywhere on the floor.