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Years of bloody civil war have ended in fragile truce. It's a time for peace, but the threat of attack is constant. Death and destruction is the price for complacency.

Ever vigilant, Lord Gohda sent you to spy on suspicious movements in a potentially hostile neighboring territory. Lord Gohda's worst fears are true. This neighbor intends to attacks with an army of 20,000 men. Lord Gohda must be informed.

You rush back towards his territory under the cover of darkness. Near the border you come accross an enemy checkpoint. There's no way around it. you must get through the checkpoint and deliver your report.

Loading Screen

Cross the Checkpoint

  • Sneak underneath your enemies.
  • Use the bridge to your advantage.
  • Quickness beats two handed strength.


This level features 2 bosses, but you'll face the 1st boss at the beginning of the game, unlike the previous and the later one. Your 1st boss is Tazu, the Senjuro Akechi's sister. She wields ko-naginata, a spear which intends for women warrior. She has 2 types of strike: double strike and pounce strike. The rules to fight against her is simple, if she raise her ko-naginata, strike her whenever possible. If she faster than you, press down to block her strike. You can do the same when she performs pounce strike. Once she recovers her energy, quickly strike her but don't get too near to her line of strike, especially when she performs pounce strike as it deals greater damage over her usual double strike.

After defeating Tazu, you'll find a anti-cavalry barricade and sentry tower. Although they have a gaps, this game treats them like solid walls where the enemy couldn't see beneath it which is advantageous. Also, player could climb at the sentry tower wall with or without grappling hook. Your main mid-game priority is finding the bridge, but rather to cross on as it infested with enemy archers, you can manage to grapple hook the left section of the bridge from below. Once you manage to reach it, keep your alertness until reaching the bamboo field. Here you'll face 2 dogs and a spearmen, or just only sleeping spearmen. After clearing enemy at bamboo field, there was 2 sentry towers with 3 enemies which should to be eliminated. The sentry towers provide an useful items ranging from smoke and explosive grenade, or healing salve which can ease your fight against 2nd boss, Senjuro.

Senjuro wields a double katanas, and has 4 type of strikes: Single thrust strike, double slash strike, simultaneous strike, and triple strike. You can apply the rule when facing Tazu before to Senjuro. Smoke grenade can be useful to fight against Senjuro, and once he caught in smoke area, proceed to run behind him and do a crouching strike before the smoke effect is gone. The thrown animation will cancelled during mid-air as long as the smoke effect is applied. And when he still under the smoke effect for the last time, you can do a regular strike against him.

The bosses basically wields two-handed weapons in different manner: While Tazu wields ko-naginata which requires two hand to properly use it, Senjuro uses double katana to improve its deadliness. Their 1st strike animation can be countered by your attacking animation, which is quicker than theirs. Hence, the dual-hand weapon wielder can be defeated by swift, quick strike which is effective.

Opening Boss Movie

Rikimaru rushes to the gate of the enemy territory, but being held by the woman with spear.

Tazu: Stop right where you are. You seem in such a great haste for such a late hour, where are your going?

Rikimaru: The night is no time for a woman to be training. Stand aside.

Tazu: The only way through this checkpoint is through me, now why don't you be a good little boy and tell me where are you going and why.

If Rikimaru Defeats Tazu

Tazu bleeds and falls down.

Tazu: I have failed.

Rikimaru: You are a skilled and honorable opponent. It is a shame that fate dinies you to live as a happy ordinary woman. All I need to do is to make it on the other side.

Boss Movie

Rikimaru opens the exit gate of enemy territory. There's a man with two-handed sword standing by and guarding the exit.

Senjuro: Please forgive my immature sister for her rudeness at the gate.

Rikimaru: Your sister was a brave woman. I'm in a hurry to return to my master. I ask you to let me pass.

Senjuro: Like you I also answer to a higher authority, my orders are to detain you. I am Senjuro Akechi master of Myojinsoga style swordsmanship. Let's settle this with nobility and honor.

Rikimaru: In the name of the Azuma ninja clan, I fully accept your challenge. Commence.

If Rikimaru Defeats Senjuro

Senjuro bleeds and falls down.

Senjuro: It is an honor to be defeated by someone as skilled as you.

Rikimaru: You are a master swordsman and an honorable man. It is a shame we could not fight as allies.