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One of Lord Gohda's ninja was captured while undercover in a hostile territory. The missing ninja is in a torture chamber deep under a dangerous forest.

With orders to immediately free the captive, Lord Gohda has released you from the ninja code, which forbids rescues. You must free the captive, and quickly.

Loading Screen

Rescue The Captive Ninja

  • Beware of pitfalls.
  • Kill quickly and silently.
  • Beware of wild beasts.


This level features pitfall, and sometimes, disguised under the trap door. Worse yet, the enemy guards sometimes act as sentry in room full with trapdoors, so put your attention to your ki awareness and stay sharp. There was a wolf in beginning of the level, and also an enemy archer. When found pitfall in your front, be careful when utilizing grappling hook, any miscalculation and you will fell to your death. Also, if you found trapdoor, you can do somersault jump over using hook to pass the trapdoor.

Once you eliminated enemy in pre-boss area, you need to analyze which side-boss you'll encounter before facing Goo: a large brown bear, or 2 wolves. If you encounter 2 wolves, make sure to lure to your position and kill them on sight. Or if you lucky enough, you can make sure the wolves pounce at you while behind the Goo line of strike, as Goo will accidentally kill his wolves before they approaches you with one swoop. However, if the side-boss was a large brown bear, lure it to your position, run away from its sight, and wait until your ki awareness become blue. Once the bear turn back from you, you can strike its back to get stealth kill and proceed to face against Goo.

Goo has 3 type of attack: lower attack, spinning attack, and triple smash with his club. He could block against your attack, so make sure your attack count and dash away if he is blocking your attack. You might want to use attack-type item like shuriken, grenade, or fire breath scroll against Goo, but the most effective item against him is smoke grenade, as he cannot able to block your strike once caught in the smoke area.

Boss Movie

The scene opens in a large room in the underground cave. Ayame is being held behind bars in the back of the room. A large man carrying many weapons on his back on a metal club in his hands is guarding her.

Large Guard: So! The mice come out to play! That mean Goo get to play too!

If Rikimaru Defeats Goo

Goo bleeds and falls down.

Goo: Goo can't play no more. Goo tired.

Goo dies.

Rikimaru: Die in peace, you misguided soul.

Unknown Voice: Huh, I must say I'm impressed.

Rikimaru swings his sword in the darkness.

Rikimaru: Who's that?

An unarmed shinobi jumps down from above, where there is a large hole in the ceiling, being another entrance to the cave. A full moon is seen through it.

Unknown Voice: I am Onikage. I shall eventually come for Gohda and your heads. Until then, become a more worthy opponent for me!

Onikage runs off through the branch of the cave Rikimaru came through.

Ayame: You took your time getting here.

Rikimaru: (offended) I beg your pardon.

Ayame: (nonchalant) I guess you deserve a "thank you" this time.

If Goo Defeats Rikimaru

Rikimaru bleeds and dies before Goo

Goo: Goo want new playmate.