Prologue Edit

Wealth is one thing, power and status is another. Many in the merchant class have become rich, but the merchant class is a large step below nobility. Merchants, no matter how wealthy, cannot become samurai. This caused many merchants to lust for the power they were officially denied. Few more so than a man named Echigoya.

Echigoya began his career as an honest trader. But before long his rivals began to turn up dead, and Echigoya expanded into protection, loan sharking, and gambling. His methods are brutal, his profit fast. If arrested, Echigoya would simply bribe his way free.

You must make him pay for his for crimes...with his life.

Loading Screen Edit

Punish The Evil Merchant

  • Avoid the main gate.
  • Use the grappling hook.
  • Never harm the innocent.

Boss Movie Edit

Scene opens inside of a building in Echigoya's estate, likely Echigoya's living quarters. Echigoya is grinding against a young girl.

Echigoya: Come on, come on. Heheheheh!

Young girl: Ahhhh!

The girl runs away from Echigoya, past where Rikimaru is standing. Echigoya jumps in surprise.

Echigoya: What? Who are you?

Rikimaru flips forward, then points his sword toward Echigoya.

Rikimaru: I'm here to avenge all the innocent people you've hurt.

Echigoya: (yelling) Somebody help! Get him, get him!

Echigoya's Bodyguard steps into the room.

Bodyguard: It looks like you chose the wrong party to crash.

Rikimaru: My business is with Echigoya.

Echigoya escapes behind the bodyguard.

Rikimaru: Step aside, or I will have to kill you.

If Rikimaru Defeats Bodyguard Edit

Bodyguard bleeds and coughs up blood, then falls down dead.

Rikimaru: Echigoya, where have you hidden?

If Bodyguard Defeats Rikimaru Edit

Rikimaru bleeds and falls down dead.

Bodyguard: So much for your big mouth.

Boss Movie Edit

Scene opens in what looks like a storage building, likely where Echigoya keeps his money. Echigoya is cowering.

Echigoya: Get away! Help me! Somebody!

Rikimaru: Your bodyguards are dead. And you are next!

If Rikimaru Defeats Echigoya Edit

Echigoya bleeds and slowly falls down.

Echigoya: My money, my money!

Echigoya ceases to speak, clearly dead.

Rikimaru: Your greed sickens me. I hope your death is a lesson to others.

If Echigoya Defeats Rikimaru Edit

Rikimaru dies.

Echigoya: Hahahahaha! I've got money. Money is power. Power is everything. Hahahahaha!