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Japan has opened it's gate to the outside world, allowing foreign trade for the first time in nearly 200 years.

Together with silk, gunpowder and exotic spices, has come something less desirable: foreign pirates. And none is worst than the spaniard Captain Bulmer. Under the cover of the ship's powerful cannons, Bulmer and his crew have wreaked havoc in the town.

You must destroy these barbarians and restore peace.

Loading Screen

Destroy The Foreign Pirates

  • Show no mercy to the foreign invaders.
  • Overcome guns with stealth.
  • Never harm the innocent.

Boss Movie

Captain Bulmer comes from the dock.

Bulmer: So you wish to be killed? Die!

Ayame: My feelings exactly, fish monger!

If Ayame Defeats Bulmer

Bulmer: Oh dear God!

Ayame: You won't see him where you're going.

If Bulmer Defeats Ayame

Bulmer: Worm! You can rot!