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One of Lord Gohda's ninja was captured while undercover in a hostile territory. The missing ninja is in a torture chamber deep under a dangerous forrest.

With orders to immediately free the captive, Lord Gohda has released you from the ninja code, which forbids rescues. You must free the captive, and quickly.

Loading Screen

Rescue The Captive Ninja

  • Beware of pitfalls.
  • Kill quickly and silently.
  • Beware of wild beasts.

Boss Movie

The scene opens in a large room in the underground cave. Rikimaru is being held behind bars in the back of the room. A large man carrying many weapons on his back on a metal club in his hands is guarding her.

Goo: So! The mice come out to play! That means Goo can get to play too!

If Ayame Defeats Goo

Goo bleeds and falls down.

Goo: Goo can't play no more. Goo tired...

Ayame: You're repulsive, hurry up and die.

Unknown Voice: Huh, I must say I'm impressed.

Ayame swings her sword in the darkness.

Ayame: Who are you?

An unarmed shinobi jumps down from above, where there is a large hole in the ceiling, being another entrance to the cave. A full moon is seen through it.

Unknown Voice: I am Onikage. I shall eventually come for Gohda and your heads. Until then, become a worthy opponent for me!

Onikage runs off through the branch of the cave Ayame came through.

Rikimaru: You weren't supposed to do this.

Ayame: And let you die? You can thank Lord Gohda for bending the rules.

Rikimaru: I'm in his debt.

If Goo Defeats Ayame

Goo: Goo want new playmate.