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Sutemaru the Echo
Gender Male
Occupation Raider Leader
Affiliation Himself
Weapon Buster Sword
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Sutemaru (山彦の捨丸 Yamabiko no Sutemaru), was a bandit leader who raided the House of Gohda of Tajima and controlled it until his death at the hands of a lone Azuma Ninja.


Ogawara-Gohda War

Sutemaru and his bandits raided the Tajima Village near House of Gohda's border and took control of it, pillaging the innocent's houses. It was a minor problem compared to the threat of Nagayori Ogawara, but nonetheless Lord Gohda ordered the Azuma ninja to take care of the problem. They deployed one of their units to settle the manner. As Sutemaru was walking around his hut, his guards around him fell to the ground dead and he too soon lay dead, assassinated by the ninja.

Abilities and Appearance

Sutemaru had no worthy abilities of note, being very slow, but he had slightly more skill and range in his power attacks than regular guards. He wore a pale blue colored samurai chest piece armor that had a tiny flower shape at the neck and a white waistband used to tie his sheath to his armor. He had no undershirts or pants underneath the armor. He has a huge, burly look and strong muscles and grey armor shin guards. He wore a helmet that had it's top cut of, revealing his hair which had been trussed up into a ponytail. He had a fat face with a scraggly beard and he had a large nose that looked out of place in contrast with the rest of his face.


Literally nothing is known of Sutemaru's personality, but someone who ruthlessly raided a village that has done no harm would illustrate a man who has no compassion for anyone other than himself and would do anything, even crime to own something.

Background Information and Notes

  • There was another raider leader that he may have had connections with Jukichi Otowa. They both look similar and had the same weapons.