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The Super-Shuriken (八方手裏剣 Happō shuriken) is a thrown weapon. They are three Kunai thrown at once in a wide spread, rather than the standard single rounded star.


See: Shuriken

Unlike the traditional shuriken, which is a star-shaped projectile, this variant is actually comprised eight Kunai knives that are thrown simultaneously. It is unnecessary to precisely aim this weapon; the wielder simply throws it at the opponent or group of attackers. It is intended for pure combat, rather than stealth. What it lacks in accuracy it compensates for in damage. It will severely wound an enemy, and the eight smaller projectiles expand outward, covering a wider area.

How to use

It is not advisable to be used against normal enemies, since it will make enemy easier to notice you, especially if you targeting to grand master achievement. Against boss, however, is very effective since the weapon could inflict more damage than standard shuriken. In very unwanted situation, consider the super-shuriken as shotgun if you are being pinned, due the amount of knives thrown spread over the area and deal damage. This, will make progress easier to kill enemies and escaping the flank.

Background Information and Notes

Aesthetically, they are based on Stick-type Shurikens which proposed to be originated from the ritual implements of the esoteric Buddhism. The shape of certain stick type shurikens look like that of Kongousyo (金剛杵) , which is an ancient Indiana religious tool to beat Demons. Ninja and Ninjutsu seem related on the esoteric Buddhism level in many ways. The stick type shuriken is hard to deal with for an amature. Although to hit the target with the shuriken is really difficult, the destructive power when hit on an enemy is great. In a lucky case, it is possible to take the life of the enemy by only one shot. The length of those stick type shurikens are between 120mm to 190mm. The weight is between 25g to 100g. The stick type shurikens are listed below.


  • The kunai was used by player is Sho-Kunai, which translated as small kunai. Technically, someone can handle up to 8 kunais and thrown it to desired target.