Tenchu 2 Stage Editor Edit

Tenchu 2 cointain system to you create you own stage with maximum 20 enemies on each stage and very more options, wit fuction, Tenchu 2 is gain note 8.4 of gamespot.

Tiles Edit

10 very different stage tiles to edit create your map, This tiles is Dojo Academy, Village, Castle, Mountain, Lake, European Castle, Shipwreck, Cavern, and secret Office

Map Configuration Edit

The configuration to create a stage is single. Stage Name: Hit here the you stage name with longer caracters Creator: The people name of creating stage Password: Hit here the secret password to none peoples move your stage Tileset: Select of 10 tiles, you tile to create a stage Objective: Select the stage objective, completing the objective the mission ends Time Limit: Select time to gain the stage Character: Select any character, Selecting all, you can play mission with every unlocked characters Stealth: Place this missions yes or no need for stealth, Selecting yes, any enemy seen player, you lose stage imediaty