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Also known as Ninja Stars referring to its shape, Shuriken (手裏剣) is a star-shaped throwing blade utilized by Shinobi and Kunoichi, one of most common weapons ninja carry in their arsenal. A shuriken thrown to the cranium of a guard is a classic way to perform a Hissatsu.


Shuriken is a throwing weapon in form of sharpened, four-pronged star with a hole in the center constructed from thin, flat plate of metal. Though it can be used to lethally injure the opponent provided one targeted their vital point (ex. cranium), this throwing weapon mostly designed to distract or disable them. Utilizing it requires a great deal of practice to properly aim and throw.

A shuriken star can be retrieved from the body of targets and used again. When enemy ninja prepare to throw one, the player can knock it from their hand and pick up the item for themselves, much like Healing Potions. If it misses a target and lands in a wall or the ground it can also be retrieved.

A stronger version of this item is the Super-Shuriken, which hurls eight Kunais that are thrown simultaneously.

Background Information and Notes

  • Basically, shuriken can be divided into two types, the Bo-shuriken (stick/dart-like type) and Hira-shuriken (plate type) , the latter which much popular. However, there is only one peculiarity which every shuriken shares and that is that they are so charred. This is because silk is covered onto a heated shuriken in order to cake the charcoal on the surface of a shuriken. This makes the shuriken less noticeable and prevents it from rusting. Also, the surface of a shuriken gets sandy and easier to paint poison on. Further to this, it becomes easier to throw it because of the gritty face and better grip.
  • Originally, the function of shuriken was for self-defense. It is said that the mold of the shuriken was small knives or big nails. With such a small sized weapon it is hard to throw and aim it for a one shot kill. But if some strong poison like aconite was painted on the shuriken, it becomes a powerful weapon. Even if ninjas did not have poison, soil or dog droppings which existed all around them could be substituted. Most people think that shuriken was a specific weapon for only ninjas to use, however this was not the case. Primarily, shuriken was a weapon used like a sword, spear, or arrow just like a samurai might use. Though shuriken was a weapon that could stir the imagination of enemies, samurais came to avoid shuriken. It is certainly a fact that Shuriken-jutsu (手裏剣術) still remains in some Kendo (剣道) schools. On the other hand for ninjas, shuriken was very convenient because it is portable and not so heavy.