Gender Male
Occupation Shinobi
Affiliation House of Ogawara
Nobumitsu Ninja
Weapon Ninjato
Status Alive
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Shigi (鷸) is a master ninja who holds allegiance to the country of Ogawara, his master being the Daimyo of the country, Nagayori Ogawara. He was very mysterious, his appearances being only minor ones. However, a lot has been learned about himself except his full history, his complete identity and his true motives.



It is unknown where Shigi is from and his appearances don't give any more clue about his identity, apart from his name. However, he seems to come from a place where courtesy and politeness are important, as shown in his manners after fights and soft tone. Shigi may have served under other daimyos as well, the clue being mentioned during his argument with Nagayori Ogawara. He also seems to hold a connection to a mysterious shinobi only mentioned at the end of the game, Nobumitsu Aizen, who may apparently be his sensei and he also may have fellow clan siblings.

Ogawara-Gohda WarEdit

Shigi makes his first appearance in the cut scene of the first level at the start of the protagonist's adventure before the outbreak of war between the two countries of Ogawara and Gohda, standing atop of a hut in Rokube Echigoya's residence against the bright full moon, being nothing but a shadow.

Nothing is then known or said about him until further on in the stories events where two Azuma Ninja to track down Heisuke Echigoya (Rokube Echigoya's uncle) smuggling Kodama leaf to foreigners in Nakao, a seaside town, after tailing him in Nokatsuji merchant village. As the Azuma Ninja kill all the guards and creep up on Heisuke Echigoya's boat, it is then Shigi who interferes. He hops on the boat and kills the foreigners, then jumps on the fleeing Heisuke Echigoya and with two twists of his sword, stabs Heisuke Echigoya's neck and kills him, afterwards hopping off and letting Heisuke Echigoya collapse. Shigi then looks at the surprised Azuma ninja and says "Ah... the Shadows of Gohda?" When the partner questions "Who are you?", he simply states "I have nothing to say to those who will soon be dead." The partner then shouts "We'll beat it out of you!", starting a fight between the protagonist and Shigi.

Shigi attacked with professional skill and strength. He could do two and three hit combos (the latter which sends the protagonist flying), threw shurikens and occasionally did a fast power attack which stunned the protagonist. He fought very strategically, but the protagonist was able to fend him off and after a final clash, Shigi jumped backwards and landed on the edge of the ship with perfect balance. He then comments to the protagonist "You are skilled. One of the Azuma Ninja?" Afterwards he apologizes for interfering with the Azuma Ninja's affairs, stating "Apologies, I thought I was alone in this hunt", looking at Heisuke Echigoya's body. Facing towards the ninjas, he adds "I don't need the body, do as you please." He turns his back to the Azuma Ninja, then mutters "I've finally found a worthy foe. That is enough for me." He then masterfully vanishes in a flicker of black feathers and his voice can be heard revealing himself; "Shigi is my name. We shall meet again, no doubt." A ninja never reveals his name, so the Azuma Ninja began to ponder this.

Shigi is then mentioned later via message as a mysterious ninja who infiltrated Gohda, but his next major appearance was much further into the story line, when news spread that Hidenori Todo, a Gohda Official, was assassinated and the assassin was still roaming around. The protagonist and his partner are then sent to pursue the assassin, the Ogawara Ninja - Denki within apparent Ogawara territory. Shigi is then seen conversing with Denki in an alley near the Kasumiume Bridge, wearing a Tomikichi hat that covered his face. He then flees and the protagonist started making his way towards Denki, successfully killing him at the end. The protagonist and the partner stand over Denki's corpse, with the latter sputtering "These Ogawara Ninja are weak", but suddenly they are both ambushed by Shigi with poison darts, leaving you unconscious as he approaches your partner, stating "Oh... you're still alive? You're coming with me." The partner is then captured by Shigi and locked away in the O-oka Mansion.

Holding the Azuma Ninja prisoner, he meets up with his master, daimyo Nagayori Ogawara. After Nagayori Ogawara kills an unarmed innocent to test out a newly forged katana, saying with a grin "Mmm..this is quite good", he then asks Shigi "Has the Gohda dog cracked yet?", with Shigi whispering "No." Nagayori Ogawara then points the blade at Shigi and angrily asks "Why is it taking so long?!" Shigi replies "I have tried numerous methods with no results." Nagayori Ogawara then shouts "Then dispose of them!" Shigi mutters "As usual, you lack patience, my Lord...", calmly brushing aside the blade pointed at him. Nagayori Ogawara then calmly replies while sheathing his sword, "It is not in my nature to let the weak live. Especially if they are useless." Shigi then offers, "I would still like... to extract some information first." Nagayori Ogawara then changes the subject, "Shigi! Bring me a fresh cup", and then walks away. Shigi then mutters with distaste, "Such poor taste, as always." This could mean that he has served under many daimyos.

He lastly appears in the final mission. After a duel between the protagonist and Nagayori Ogawara, Shigi suddenly appears and stabs Nagayori Ogawara through the back, mortally wounding him. He then squats next to Ogawara's fallen body, saying "You are no longer worthy to follow in the steps of Nobumitsu. Your life has no further use to us", giving yet another clue to his past. Nagayori Ogawara then laughs maniacally, screaming "You worthless dog!" Shigi then stands up and faces the protagonist, commenting "Well then, lets get started", starting the final battle.

Shigi fought with all his previous skill, now also being able to breath fire and perform a 4 hit combo that launched the protagonist into the air, leaving the player vulnerable to attacks from Shigi. He could also parry attacks now and perform an uppercut thrust that sometimes poisoned the protagonist, but the now experienced protagonist ultimately defeated Shigi at the end. After the fight, Shigi drops his sword and bows down, muttering as the protagonist gets ready to behead him; "Why do you so desperately cling to life. That I do not understand." Before the protagonist could deal the final blow, Azuma Ninja Master - Rikimaru interrupts, saying "Wait, I want to know."

Rikimaru approaches the kneeling Shigi, then asks "Was this all the work of Nobumitsu Aizen? Tell us everything you know", hinting a purpose behind Shigi's actions. Shigi then starts to lift his head up, saying "So sharp, as always", meaning that he may have encountered Rikimaru several times before. He then finishes his sentence stating: "And yet... so naive." The building then spontaneously erupts into flame and Shigi gets up with the fire surrounding him. He then states to the two ninja "We shall meet again", then turns his back and walks away as the flames blow up in front of the screen, therefore ending the story of Tenchu Z and leaving the rest of his identity unknown.

Abilities and AppearanceEdit

Shigi possesses much skill in the art of Ninjutsu. When assaulting the two Azuma Ninja on the Kasumiume Bridge he masked his presence with the skill of a master level ninja and the Azuma Ninja were not able to sense his presence at all, even as he was very close and that shows his skills when applying stealth. His brief duel with the Azuma Ninja aboard the harbored ship in Nakao showed his masterful skill with the ninjato, performing fast but damaging slices through the air, quickly throwing shurikens to help and easily parrying the protagonist attacks. He can also perform shinobi concealment techniques, as he vanished into thin air with black feathers after the fight, masking his escape. He appears to be a young adult with black hair and black shoes. He wears a black iga and a vest that is covered by a black trench coat and has black gauntlets on his arms.

Personality Edit

Shigi's personality is a mystery, as he kills his allies but remains an antagonist. But he shows a polite and noble side, shown during after you vs him in Nakao. He merely apologizes and comments on how skilled you are and in battle occasionally performs a pose that shows his nobility. Also, after you defeat him once and for all in the Ogawara Castle, he drops down and surrenders, letting you kill him and preserving some dignity. He also questions on how people cling on to life so dearly and that he doesn't understand. Shigi has a calm attitude and even in defeat he has a quiet tone. Shigi is sort of a strategist in fighting and socializing.

Trivia Edit

  • When he is questioned by Rikimaru after the final battle, he turns his back and leaves as the building is engulfed by flames, a direct visual reference to Final Fantasy VII where the antagonist Sephiroth does the same thing.