Mei oh 2

Mei-Oh wielding the Shichishito

Shichishitō (七支刀) is the primary weapon of Lord Mei-Oh. The Shichishito is a magical sword imbued with dark power.


The weapon was thought to have been lost following Mei-oh and Rikimaru's battle in the first game. Onikage tried to reacquire the weapon for Mei-oh by opening an interdimensional portal, but was prevented from doing so by Rikimaru, who took possession of the blade to prevent it from falling into evil hands.


It is a very long, heavy blade whose sides are covered with branching forks that can also inflict greater damage. Mei-oh could use the sword in a traditional manner, utilizing stabbing and slashing attacks, and it was also demonstrated that he could fire powerful blasts of lightning from the blade.


  • It is based on the Seven-Branched Sword, a historical weapon designated National Treasure of Japan.