Senjuro Akechi
Gender Male
Occupation Samurai
Weapon Dual Tachi
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Senjuro Akechi (明智 尖十郎 Akechi Senjūrō) worked for a rival warlord in a terrority adjacent to House of Gohda.


It can be assumed that he served his lord for most of his life. His sister, Tazu, served this lord as well. Later in Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, he was killed by an Azuma Ninja.


Senjuro Akechi was a master of Myojinsoga swordsmanship, a style that utilizes two blades in combat. Rikimaru acknowledged his prowess as a combatant.

Background Information and NotesEdit

Character Specific DifferencesEdit

  • If he duels Rikimaru, the two combatants will have a very honorable and respectful discussion with each other. Rikimaru asks master Akechi to let him pass, as he does not want to hurt him. Akechi says that he too answers to a higher authority and draws his swords, saying that he wants to settle the dispute with nobility and honor. Rikimaru ("In the name of the Azuma Ninja clan, I fully accept your challenge commence") accepts the challenge and the two proceed to duel. Akechi fights with the skill, grace, balance, and control of a Myojinsoga master but is ultimately no match for the Azuma Ninja style kenjutsu, who deals him a fatal blow. With his last breath Akechi tells Rikimaru that "it is an honor to be defeated by someone as skilled as you", then he dies. Rikimaru acknowledges him as an honorable man and a master swordsman, and expresses regret that they were never able to fight as allies.
  • If he duels Ayame, the attitude between the two combatants is much more hostile. Ayame takes a very sarcastic approach in talking to Senjuro, who likewise attempts to belittle her. She strikes him down and before dying Akechi expresses disbelief that Ayame a skilled Azuma defeated him, while Ayame is rather surprised that he actually believed the fight could have ended any other way.


“I am Senjuro Akechi, master of Myojinsoga style swordsmanship. Let us setlle this with nobility and honour.”