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Rin fs a.jpg
Gender Female
Occupation Kunoichi
Affiliation Hagakure Ninja Clan
Weapon Natsume (棗)
Status Alive
First Appearance Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

Rin (?) is a young girl, seeking vengeance against those responsible for the annihilation and destruction of the Hagakure Village.


Futaba, a former Hagakure Ninja, turned traitor, is responsible along with the Kuroya assassins. From there she goes in search of revenge in the name of the Hagakure Village. During her journey of seeking blood, she is offered the chance to fight as an assassin of the Beniya for "Lady Razor Ogin", a legend in the Japanese criminal underworld. Being fairly young everyone encountered usually assumes her to be a child, leaving her quite annoyed in most instances.

Personality and Appearance

Rin is a young Hagakure kunoichi turned Beniya assassin who does not accept lies and seeks vengeance for her fellow Hagakure brethren. Once Rin discovered Futaba was responsible for the massacre in her village. Rin was consumed by an uncontrollable rage in the heat of her fury assaulted Futaba. But a shinobi never forgets the importance of poisons. Eventually, she forms an alliance with the mysterious Ayame of the Azuma Ninja. The brave Rin ensures moments of laughter in the midst of killing. She has short brown hair, wears dark cream attire and sometimes a fox mask, she is commonly known to wear sandals. She wields a full-sized ninjato or katana that she keeps in position on her rear with the weapon resting in a horizontal position. Usually maintaining a calm focused mind, when memories or information related to the events of the Hagakure surfaces, she tends to somewhat lose control of her emotions.

Skills and Abilities


Trained more than likely from youth, in the techniques of the Hagakure Ninja. Rin is a highly skilled kunoichi fully adept in the art of ninjutsu. Rin has expressed great skill and control when performing stealth kills. Able to sneak past undetected, but also possesses the ability to silently creep up on unsuspecting enemy sentries and quickly dispatch them. Rin is skilled in the use of other traditional tools of ninjutsu and is quite the skilled taijutsu-master. During her time as one of the Beniya, she has gained more experience while honing her ninjutsu skills. Constantly using stealth, utilizing disguises, and performing numerous stealth kills all have paved the way for her growth. Though she is now one of the Beniya, the techniques of the Hagakure Ninja are still clearly visible.


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  • Rin's clan (Hakagure, 葉隠れ) has the name as the famous bushido guide written by the samurai Yamamoto Tsunemoto.

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