Piet Nekilt
Piet Nekilt
Gender Male
Occupation Gun Designer
Affiliation House of Ogawara
Weapon Matchlock pistol
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Piet Nekilt (ピエト・ニーキルト Pieto Nīkiruto) was a Dutch matchlock gun designer who was providing aide to the country of Ogawara in it's pursuit to produce the weapons. Piet's services were funded through Ogawara's Kodama Leaf production and trafficking. He was assassinated while visiting the restaurant - Shion.


Ogawara Buisness Dealings

Nekilt was a master weapons designer who brought with him knowledge of powerful matchlock guns and their production methods. Ogawara provided sanction for Nekilt during his time in the country. Piet seems to have been occupying the country for quite some time as the weapons made an appearance in the field early on in the war between Ogawara and Gohda. It was not confirmed, but he may have had connections to another Dutch foreigner named Anest Tadari who was assassinated in Fukutani Harbor Town, for the reason of kidnapping Gohda civilians and selling them into servitude.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Not much is known about this foreign weapons maker. But the fact that he conducts business in exchange for Kodama Leaf and shishi, a drug of some kind, would illustrate a man who cares not whom his weapons are sold to, only that he makes a profit. He is also a smoker of shishi and may be addicted. He may be of dutch descent given his clothing and sword. He was seen wearing a charcoal gray colored hat of some kind, with enormous collar sized cuffs on the trim. His suite consisted of a cape and two piece jacket and pants of reddish with gold design as the bulk of the suite. Due to his position and profit these clothes could be of nobility or wealth.

Abilities Edit

Piet was a formidable opponent, with proper fencing attacks with obvious skill. He also could rapidly fire a gun. Unlike Anest Tadari, who had a hilarious fighting stance and movement, his pose is one of a master fencer, and he can parry attacks like that of a noble. In fact, he is one of the only people in the game considered to be worthy of his rank, maybe more. Overall, he is one of the most toughest opponents to fight against, his strategy and strength only losing to Nagayori Ogawara, Shigi and maybe Kurokawa Shinzo.


  • The Japan–Netherlands relations during late Nanban trade and specially during Edo period were in some way significant for the cultural and scientific development of pre-modern Japan.
  • In the game itself, Piet had Tadari's grey suit and red cape instead of a red suit and a green cape. The reason for this is unknown.
  • He could have had connections with Tadari, and it is believed they are both of Dutch origin.
  • Both Piet and Anest seem to have weird moments of pain. When you hit them, instead of grunting in pain, they'll say "Ouch!" in a comical manner.
  • Coincidentally, the color of Piet's two piece outfit is excatlly the opposite to Tadari's. Piet's costume is red, and his cape is green. Where'as Tadari's outfit is green-grey and his cape is red.
  • In the game itself, Piet's last name was shown as 'Niklet'. The purpose of this is unknown.