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An Ogawara Ninja warrior

Ninja (忍者?) or Shinobi (忍び?) are covert assassins and spies typically devoid of the strict codes of honor that Samurai follow. Female ninja are referred to as Kunoichi, their most common weapon is the ninjato.

When these shadow warriors are deployed as Guards at enemy camps, they display higher combat skill than common Ronin or samurai guards.


Ninja are covert agent/mercenaries used by the feuding Lords of Japan. Their primary duties are espionage, sabotage, and guerilla warfare, while occasionally carrying out assassination attempts. Due to their contrasting honor codes, ninja are looked down upon by the Samurai class. Daimyo Matsunoshin Gohda's Azuma Ninja are unique in that follow similar virtues, yet are still known to be most skilled clan in the territory. They live a thankless existence fighting secret battles, preventing further bloodshed in full scale wars from breaking out.

Clothing and armor

Ninja Armor is rarely used as it restricts movement and causes unwanted noise, usually worn in preparation for a major battle. majorities of shinobi warriors are clad in shōzoku, but this is not always the case: Ogawara ninja appeared to clad in more 'standarized' shōzoku whereas Rikimaru, Ayame and Tatsumaru are clad in more customized outfits. The most effective scouts usually dress themselves as ordinary people to avoid suspicion or any attire that best suited their mission. This is why so much farming equipment is used as weapons.

Tactics and combat

Typically the primary goal is to perform Hissatsu on an enemy from behind, with a blade weapon resulting in Decapitation & Dismemberment. All shinobii are skilled in ninjutsu, the art unconventional warfare, guerrilla warfare and espionage. The purpose of such art is not to achieve victory, but rather self-preservation and survival, something which crucial in their missions. In an ideal infiltration situation, combat would be avoided entirely, save possible assassination target they were sent for. Some shinobi are skilled enough to go without a weapon, relying on on-site weapons procurement and efficient neck snaps. Ninja are highly skilled with a bow, known to take arrows and bows from enemy archers.

A major is tool is the Grappling Hook used to scale enemy walls. Hand Claws are used to cling to ceilings. Sometimes Kasugai are used to climb stone walls. The Tetsubishi is a special grappling hook that can be used offensively to pull enemies. Ninja are equipped with a wide array of weaponry and trick devices.

Magic and crafting

All clans craft items like Shuriken, Kunai, Blow Guns, Caltrops, Smoke Bombs, etc. Some of the greater shinobi are able to tap into minimal supernatural power. This is usually done with mysterious scrolls of parchment handed down from the elders. Some legends include invisibility, the ability to "split" into multiple bodies, the summoning of animals, and control over the five classical elements like the Dragon Breath spell. Once the scroll is used they are unable to summon magic again. Warriors that are unboud by this limitation are considered to be full blown sorcerers, having no need to strike from the shadows to survive.

Enemy Ninja

Some ninjas can be encountered as recurring Guards starting from later early parts of the game as first non-standard mooks. They are armed with either katanas or a pair of tekko-kagi (metal claws) as well as shurikens. Other than slightly more formidable than samurais, their dark-colored standard shōzoku makes them slightly camouflaged in certain areas, so the player must be cautious and keeping an eye on Ki Meter so they won't unintentionally bumped into one of them.

Some ninja guardsmen carry a Healing Potion flask, which can knocked from their hand and procured with careful timing. Enemy ninja can be fooled into consuming Poison Rice Balls like anyone else. The knowledge and experience of common enemy ninja are somewhat limited compared to the Azuma. Occasionally demonic ninja such as Jonin Blue and Jonin Red have manifested in the country side and equally vulnerable to such tricks.

Known Ninja