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Tokubei Echigoya
Gender Male
Occupation Stateman
Affiliation Matsunoshin Gohda (formerly)
Echigoya trade empire
Weapon None
Status Deceased
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Nasu (那須) was a high ranking statesman that was aware of Tokubei Echigoya's underground slave trade business but chose to involve in it for his own ends since he knew Tokubei's father.


A greedy man who cares about no one else's needs but his own and just as corrupt as Echigoyas he associated with. Nasu uses his power to achieve the upmost desires, even if it means he had to betray Lord Gohda's trust on him as one of his statesmen by associating himself with corrupt merchants such as Tokubei. Not only that, he was easily bought over with dumplings and other forms of bribes (young girls included as he was rejoiced when one was given to him as a "gift"). Needless to say, he has a reckless behavior midset that blinded him from worst repercussions of his deeds.

It was his foolishness that brought in the attention of both Azuma Ninja and the Muzen who set out to execute him alongside Tokubei. The way he perished at hands of either is relative to following story routes:

  • Rikimaru: He died fighting Rikimaru despite being assisted by two guards summoned by Tokubei in panic. When the ninja corners Tokubei afterwards, the latter reveals Hamada's involvement in their shady business before ultimately executed by the revived Onikage, much to his horror.
  • Ayame: He died fighting Ayame and didn't put up fight as much as in Rikimaru's route. In fact, the kunoichi swiftly killed his two guards before he could even properly begin fighting her. When she set out to do the same with Tokubei, however, he was perished at hands of Onikage who then claimed Jewel of Earth in his possession both off-screen, leaving nothing but his bloodied corpse for Ayame to find.
  • Tesshu: Tesshu executed Tokubei first, but when he is about to do the same on Nasu, Rikimaru showed up to do the deed in his stead, much to his dismay.


As a fighter, he is slightly more powerful than guards in his disposal due to better swordsmanship skills. He is not above fighting dirty as upon close to being beaten, he will mock defeat and even bribe with some tempting items for mercy. Do not approach him or get too close to him when this happens, as he will repel his opponent with a mighty slash before reclaiming in question. Alternatively, blast him off his feet with either grenade, fire spell, sticky bomb, or exploding arrow so you can safely claim items he attempts you to bribe with thus potentially giving Nasu a humiliating defeat.

Background Information and Notes

  • He is the boss in Rikimaru and Ayame's stories.