The Muramasa (村正?) is a magical katana that belongs to a blacksmith named Ressai. It was briefly wielded by Rikimaru when he was battling Tenrai and his Lords of Darkness.


Following the damage Izayoi suffered at the hands of Doctor Kimaira, Rikimaru was forced to go to the swordsmith Ressai to have the weapon repaired. Ressai advised Rikimaru that he could repair the blade, but to do so he would need steel that was located within a cemetery that was guarded by the undead; this graveyard was bordered by Ressai's property. Rikimaru readily agreed to retrieve the required materials and as he was about to leave Ressai stopped him for a moment and handed him a sheathed sword. Rikimaru was startled when he realized that Ressai was letting him borrow the Muramasa. Ressai explained that the Muramasa had guarded his family for generations, as it was the only weapon that could kill the undead in the cemetery. He also told Rikimaru that wielding the weapon was dangerous, for it drained the energy of its user. However, the swordsmith tells him that the Muramasa would not completely drain the wielder's energy, leaving him just enough to survive. Rikimaru took the sword and used it to get the steel Ressai needed and after Izayoi was repaired Rikimaru gave the Muramasa back to him.


The Muramasa would only drain the user's energy when the weapon was drawn; when sheathed it was harmless. The blade glowed with a faint blue light. Though the weapon would drain life energy, the wielder could replenish his reserves of strength by killing enemies with it, as the blade would convert blood into energy.

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