Gender Male
Occupation CEO
Affiliation evil
Weapon Ninjato
Robot Arm
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven

"Mr. D CEO" was a cyborg business executive from the future. He was the CEO of a corrupt pharmaceutical company that was killing the poor with a plague. He was killed by Rikimaru when he traveled through Mei-Oh's portal.


Not much is said about this bonus stage character but he is cruel and cold hearted C.E.O. He over looked a population with an iron fist and a closed heart. A truly snobby and prideful character who saw the poor as a burden to society and not important. In his eyes power and money was everything and those who did not have either must be exterminated.


Mr. D CEO could shoot electrical energy blasts from his robot arm. He was also quite strong and displayed skillful use of a ninjato.

Background Information and NotesEdit