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Lord Mei-Oh
Lord Mei-Oh
Gender Male
Occupation Demon King
Affiliation Himself
Weapon Shichishito
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Lord Mei-Oh (冥王 Mei-Ō?) is the ruler the demonic underworld. While dormant as the Demon King, his worshippers such as Onikage do his bidding on the early plane.


Lord of Hell

The exact nature of Mei-Oh is somewhat mysterious to mortals. Perhaps he is the source of all negative energy or simply a damned nobleman. He is continually referred to as "the Lord of Hell." His name is well known to those who worship evil. The shinobi Suzaku used to make small wooden carvings of Mei-Oh as a member of the Burning Dawn. The pair apparently made some kind of pact, after Suzaku was slain during the Battle of Gohda Harbor he was brought back to life as Onikage. The amount of times Mei-Oh can resurrect Onikage seem to be limitless.

Attack on Gohda's castle

Lord Mei-Oh's first known activity was when his forces kidnaped Princess Kiku. He was defeated by Rikimaru of the Azuma with nothing but skill and determination. (Mission 10: Free the Princess.)

Continued activity

Mei-Oh was later mentioned by Rikimaru's "Shadow." (Find the Shichishito Sword) After the shadow was slain, the Shichishito and Izayoi opened one of his demonic portals that allowed the true Rikimaru to escape and return to the early plane. This seemed to be a failed attempt on Onikage's part to bring Mei-Oh back. After the Azuma clan defeated a sorcerer who was trying to use Mei-Oh's power, Onikage continued to converse with the impatient spirit of Lord Mei-Oh insisting that his time to return has finally come.

Onikage's plans seemed to have changed sometime after this. Instead, Onikage brought Gohda's domain to breaking-point by himself with no other goal. Onikage currently occupies the body of Ayame and exits only to torment his nemesis Rikimaru.


Lord Mei-Oh possesses immense magical power and durability. He wields his sword Shichishito, with great skill. He floats and is able to teleport short distances.

Background Information and Notes


  • Mei-Ō (冥王) literally means "dark monarch". It is also the Japanese word for Pluto, the god of the underworld in classical mythology, while being more common in Japan the use of the word Purūtō (プルートー).
  • He shares his name with Grandmaster Meio, the lead villain from the Strider series, and they both share numerous other similarities. This was likely Acquire's biggest influence when creating a worthy, godlike final boss for their ninja simulator.