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Princess Kiku
Princess Kiku
Gender Female
Occupation Princess
Affiliation House of Gohda
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Princess Kiku (Japanese: 菊姫 Kiku-hime?) was the only daughter of Matsunoshin Gohda, the Daimyo over the House of Gohda. Her mother was Lady Kei and her older sister and best friend was Ayame, the member of the Azuma Ninja clan.


Early life

Gohda Motohide kidnapped her during the civil rebellion he led against his nephew for the title of daimyo. In the midst of escaping, he assassinated Princess Kiku's mother, who attempted with her very life to protect her daughter. Ayame who had infiltrated Yoshisada Toda's war camp and eventually rescued Princess Kiku.

Mei-Oh's attack on Gohda Castle

Once Kiku fell very ill, to the point where began losing her sight. Lord Gohda sent Rikimaru to Mount Shiba to retrive a magic herb, that said to cure any kinds of illness. After retrieving it, her vision was back, but unfortunately, she was kidnapped by Lord Mei-Oh, the king of hell. Her poor father, Lord Gohda, was now at the mercy of this evil man and he desperately sends both Rikimaru and Ayame to rescue her. Both ninjas went through a lot of fighting several skeletal samurais and fire-breathing zombies. Rikimaru defeats Onikage and searches for her in the underground tunnels. Finally, the ninja confronts the evil lord Mei-Oh in a deep cavern, where he had opened a portal.

While she, Rikimaru and Ayame find their way to escape, a cave-in blocked their path. With the ceiling about to fall, Rikimaru set aside his sword, Izayoi, lifted the boulder that blocks the path and ordered Ayame to take Princess Kiku and Izayoi so they can escape. The two of them escaped the tunnel just before the rocks buried it completely, leaving Rikimaru behind. Ayame stuck Izayoi into the ground as a grave marker for Rikimaru. Then, Ayame, Lord Gohda and Princess Kiku look off to the rising sun.

Kiku meets Ayame

Death and legacy

Kiku dies held by Ayame

She was kidnapped by Rinshi as part of Onikage's plan. She was being held by Rinshi at the mansion of Ginzou Gonbei and later rescued by Ayame. After she was brought back to her father's castle, she was silently knocked unconcious and replaced by Rinshi in disguise. She was then left alone with Onikage. When Rikimaru came to her rescue, Onikage took her as a hostage. Kiku convinced Rikimaru to put an end to this and kill them both if it means killing Onikage saying fighting saddens her heart too much. She dies being held by Ayame.


Princess Kiku's bravery

Princess Kiku in her youth possessed much enthusiasm and energy typical of children that age. After the death of her mother, her father raised her by himself. However, after the sadness she felt because the loss of her mother, she found comfort in Ayame whom she looked at as an older sister and respectful role model. Later in her early teen years, she has become more formal, reserved and focused. She recognised that her father’s people are more important than she is yet she never shows a sign of jealousy to this notion. In Tenchu: Shadow Assassins, near the end of Sekiya Naotada's rebellion, when Rikimaru was framed she didn't jump to the immediate conclusion that he was guilty, even though an imposter disguised as him made an attempt on her life. Nevertheless, she showed absolute bravery when she willingly sacrificed herself in order to ensure the death of Onikage. Princess Kiku would have become a great, wise and compassionate ruler, very similar to her father, but her death is the reality of the warring states period.


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