Tenchu Wiki
Gender Male
Occupation Shinobi
Affiliation Burning Dawn
Weapon Dual Kama
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins

Kamadoma (竈馬?) was a ninjitsu warrior employed by the Burning Dawn to round up peasants and villagers to be used as slave labor for the construction of the massive warship Fire Demon. His base of operations was the Usaba Mountain range which, unfortunately for him, was located in Gohda territory.


Kamadoma and the ninja army under his command took advantage of the superstitious nature of the local populace and dressed themselves as tengu in order to terrorize their slaves and force them into submission. They would descend from the mountain in the dead of night and abduct their victims; because of their actions the Usaba range became known as Demon Mountain. After awhile news of these events reached Lord Gohda, who in turn paid a visit to Azuma Shiunsai and requested his help in discovering the truth behind the disappearances. Shiunsai tasked Rikimaru with investigating the matter. The young ninja scaled the mountain, killing many of the "demons"' along the way. He soon reached the top of the mountain and freed the slaves he found there, but as one of them was about to hand him a slip of paper Kamadoma struck the hapless man from behind. An enraged Rikimaru called Kamadoma a coward and challenged him to a duel. Laughing maniacally, Kamadoma readily agreed and engaged him in combat. Rikimaru proved too skillful for him, however. He killed the slaver by stabbing him in the base of the skull, telling him "You shall die in silence".


Kamadoma was a human and possessed no magical powers. His weapon of choice is the kama. His skill was mediocre, but he was quite fast.