Gender Male
Occupation Gang Leader
Affiliation Kuroya (黒屋)
Weapon Parasol Blade
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

Jyuzou (黒塗りの重蔵 Kuronuri no Jūzō, Jyuzou?) was the supreme leader of the Kuroya, a group of evil assassins and is responsible for the destruction of his former residence, the Hagakure Village.


He was actually next in line to become the next leader of the Hagakure Village, but refused to live by the rules set before him. Jyuzou's weapon is a blade concealed within a parasol. He had been Rin's fiance before he betrayed his village. Rin ultimately tracked him down and confronted him for his transgressions, about which he showed no remorse. He asked Rin to stand by his side as his mate, but the young kunoichi was thoroughly disgusted by him and refused. The two proceeded to fight a vicious duel. Jyuzou proved to be a formidable opponent, but was ultimately slain by Rin.


Jyuzou was a skilled killer due to his uncommon technique with the hidden blade in his parasol. He displayed formable swordsmanship despite only having the use of one eye. Jyuzou's greatest attributes were more of psychological manipulation, particularly of women.


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