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Jubei Tachibana
Gender Male
Occupation Samurai
Affiliation House of Gohda
Weapon Dual Tachi
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins

Jubei Tachibana (橘 十兵衛 Tachibana Jūbei) was one of the foremost samurai under Gohda Matsunoshin, as well as Lord Gohda's father, and served as the younger Lord Gohda's fencing instructor. A master swordsman, he was the commander of the Gohda forces up through the Burning Dawn crisis until his death aboard the Fire Demon.


Nothing is known of Jubei's life before the civil war of Gohda Motohide against Gohda Matsunoshin. Jubei remained loyal to Matsunoshin, and led the defense of Gohda Castle against Motohide's samurai. He arrived at Lord Gohda's quarters too late to intercept Motohide, but in time to fight off a group of samurai and give Gohda and Rikimaru time to escape.

Following his own escape from the castle, Jubei served as a personal advisor to the new Lord Gohda while the latter recovered from his injuries. He was not present when Gohda's forces stormed the Burning Dawn's secret harbor, but served as Gohda's right hand man when he called a council of war shortly thereafter. When Gohda Castle came under attack by the Fire Demon, Jubei led the counterattack.

Gohda's forces boarded the ship soon after Rikimaru, and were successful in dispatching most of the ninja on deck. Jubei personally slaughtered the last batch in the central courtyard of the ship before being confronted by Tatsumaru. Disdainful of the ninja's abilities, Jubei engaged the treacherous Azuma ninja in a duel. Despite his skill, armor, and heavier weaponry, Jubei was still no match for Tatsumaru, and the Burning Dawn lord struck him down.


Jubei was survived by a son, Hyakubei, who also became a samurai that served Gohda.

Appearance and Personality


Jubei wore an eyepatch over his right eye, presumably the result of combat. He was usually seen wielding two swords, either two katana or a katana and a wakizashi. He survived long enough to be middle-aged and was toughened by experience in battle.

Jubei was totally loyal to the Gohda family and ready to sacrifice himself to defend his lord. Jubei was also very proud, to the point of arrogance, a flaw which ultimately costs him his life. He looked down on ninja (with the exception of Shiunsai ), seeming to consider them beneath his notice at best, and he also tends to underestimate their abilities.


Jubei was a samurai swordsman, perhaps the one of the very best depicted in the series. He is repeatedly shown holding his own against groups of armed enemies, seemingly with little effort. His position as commander of Gohda's forces also suggests he is a skilled tactician. The game itself describes Jubei as "[Gohda's] greatest warrior". Jubei utilized a sword-style that utilized two full length katana. Though it was not like the traditional two sword style where one was in defence and the other offense. He seemed to defend with both swords, and balanced the attack power and speed between his two katana. When he took his battle stance against three ninja of the burning dawn poised for battle. His stance took the form of him positioning his left leg into the leading position, whith his right leg in the rear for supported balance. His legs both slightly bent, his right arm fully extended into a downard sloping angle holding the sword vertical in this postion. His left arm was also extended though it held his left katana horizontal behind the leading katana creating a crossing of the blades. When the first ninja swiftly came in for a strike. Jubei shifted his weight forward taking a half-step and diagnoly cutting downward with his lead katana killing the first. Quickly followed by the second attacker, Jubei stepped forward with his rear leg and at the same time thrusting forward with his left katana, while the enemy stood helpless with the sword through him, Jubei quikly shifting his body into a ground to sky swork attack, killing him. The third made an attempt from his blind spot but was killed by Jubei thrusting both swords into his abdomen.


  • "Tatsumaru? You're one of the lords of the Burning Dawn!"
  • "Ninja are hired help who stab from behind! Let's see you fight like a man."