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Rikimaru snaps the neck of an enemy samurai.

Hissatsu (必殺), also known as Ninsatsu (忍殺) are ancient instant kill techniques practiced by the Azuma.


Decapitation & Dismemberment inputs

  • In Stealth Assassins, there is a chance to behead an enemy without initiating any motion capture animations by performing jump and slash (X + Square) at their back. While so, it's advised while nobody spots you. But once again, this only occurs by player's luck.


  • In Tenchu: Fatal Shadows, if you press SQUARE at the same moment the little light first flashes on your Ki Meter when you first come into Stealth Kill range, swirling graphic signs appear around the Ki Meter. These graphic signs are Siddham characters. Siddham script is an old alphasyllabary used to write Sanskrit language and is used today in Japanese Tantric Buddhism in mystical practices.