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Healing Potion (神命丹 Shin'myōtan) is a flask of healing potion that can restore the drinker's health. It must be used with caution as it can be knocked the hand of the drinker and used by the enemy.


This jug of special potion restores the drinker's lost health and stamina, allowing them to quickly recover from injuries. It is heavily used by some warriors (most notably Azuma ninjas such as Rikimaru and Ayame) as among must-have equipment in their missions since there are instances of direct confrontation become inevitable and that they need to quickly recover while evading further conflict.

In game, a jug of Healing Potion restores your health to 100% upon consumption. At least one can be found per level on the field. Though useful, it's advised to consume one while at safer position during the fights as your character's animation in doing so lasts for 2 seconds, a small but crucial gap for your foes to stop you and cause you to drop it in the process.