The grappling hook as it appears in Tenchu 3.

The Grappling Hook (鉤縄 Kaginawa?) is a vital tool used by ninja and other assassins. It is the primary method used to climb walls. Sometimes Kasugai are used to climb walls instead.

The Tetsubishi in another kind grappling hook used by Azuma to pull enemies toward them.


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Background Information and NotesEdit

  • Despite consisting only of a hook tied to a common rope, it automatically pulls the characters to the spot where the hook was grappled to, as though it was fired by motorized pulley device. How exactly this is happening is never explained. A version of the grappling hook that would have the characters actually climb up the rope has yet to appear.
  • In the original game, the grappling hook could be launched almost anywhere and used to pull the character away for tactical reasons. Starting with Tenchu 2, the target ridicule would glow red when aiming a ledge that would nearly guarantee that the player would be able grasp onto it. If the target ridicule wasn't lighting up the grappling hook could not be released. The reduced usage of the grappling remained the same in all subsequent games in which it appeared.
  • The grappling hook is considered necessary for the completion of all missions. It is the only item which the player always carries in every mission. There is no way of un-selecting it.
  • The grappling hook is present in nearly all entries of the main series, except for Tenchu 4. In the latest entry, Kasugai are used to scale only certain walls instead.