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The country's daimyo Gohda

A small country ruled by the House of Gohda was none other than Lord Gohda Matsunoshin after the death of his father the country of Gohda fell into civil war an was spilt up by loyalists of the rightful heir and Motohide his uncle. Sekiya Naotada dispatched word to the Azuma Ninja. Later the Azuma Clan arrive with Rikimaru, Ayame, and Tatsumaru with the help of the Azuma and his samurai they repelled Motohide and Tado's invading force. During the conflict the Nyogetsu Ninja went rogue and the Burning Dawn was born. Kagami the Master of the group battled Tatsumaru the cliff that was the scene of their duel collasped and they fell into the sea.

Tatsumaru returned later as a the Blue Dragon and assaulted several locations of the small country. But eventually killed himself as punishment for his crimes. The country of Gohda is small but makes up for it through a complex network of spies, skilled samurai, and the covert spies the Azuma Ninja. Due to the philosophy of the country's daimyo, and it's size it frequently finds itself at war with neighboring countries. But thanks to the unity this small country has it has survived and prospered in the face of these challenges.

Gohda castle (郷田城 Gōda-) appears to be structured after traditional japanese castles of that time. With multiple floors, and the daimyo's war room being at the top of the castle. At one point during the invasion of Tenrai. Rikimaru went somewhat underground in the castle to find Lord Gohda as enemy ninja stormed the castle. The castle has been attacked several times and rebuilt as a result of the numerous wars the country has been inolved in.