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Gonbei Ginzou
Ginzou Gonbei
Gender male
Occupation merchant
Affiliation unknown
Weapon none
Status deceased
First Appearance Tenchu: Shadow Assassins

Ginzou Gonbei (権平 金蔵 Gonbei Ginzō?) was a corrupt merchant and ignorant pawn in Onikage and Rinshi's plan to attack Gohda.


Rikimaru's interrogation

Ginzou Gonbei was drinking and preparing to defile a young girl that had just been sold to him by her own parents, desperate to pay their debts owed to him. The Azuma ninja Rikimaru happened upon this and took action. While eliminating guards near Gonbei's residence Rikimaru discovered a large amount of weapons being stored for war. Gonbei was eager to answer his questions, but the interrogation was interrupted by a skillfully thrown kunai thrown at the pair.

Concerned, Rikimaru left Gonbei unpunished and returned to Lord Gohda.


Rinshi later appeared at his home in the guise of Rikimaru, and forced him to go into the ronin village to ambush the other Azuma ninja, Ayame.

Gonbei later encountered Ayame, who also interrogated him. Gonbei informed her that Princess Kiku was being held at his home. He also claimed Rikimaru was keeping her there, and that he forced him to attack her in the village. After learning of Rikimaru's apparent betrayal, she killed him by stabbing a kunai into his chest.

Background Information and Notes

  • Gonbei appears to be a throwback to Tenchu's long tradition of corrupt merchants appearing in the first mission of many entries in the series. He is similar to Echigoya in both visual design and pathos. However, he is the first merchant to survive his initial meeting with an Azuma ninja, and plays a slightly bigger role in the plot.