Tenchu Wiki
Gender Male
Occupation magician, slave to Kagura
Affiliation Lords of Darkness
Weapon Shakujō
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu 3

Ganda (巌陀) was one of Tenrai's Lords of Darkness. Ganda was extremely tall with massive hands and feet, different than proportions of an ordinary man.


Not much is known about him, except he was controlled by Kagura with some technique related to the scriptures covering his body. He appeared to be some kind of monk. In Tesshu's story, Ganda takes part in the plan to sell girls into slavery.


Ganda was a powerful and fast despite of his large and muscular body. In Rikimaru's story, he is fought along with Kagura, but he can't be killed unless the one controlling him is killed first. In Ayame and Tesshu's story, he is fought alone and he is killed in either one.


  • The rectangular papers covering Ganda's body are o-fuda, a Japanese amulets filled with Buddhist and Shintō inscriptions.
  • Ganda is the only character to be fought in all three main characters story.
  • In Rikimaru's story, Ganda is actually killable via Wrath oh Heaven or powerful projectiles (such as the explosive arrows), even without killing Kagura first.
  • Ganda's appearence is reminiscent of a golem, he seems to partially inspired by Tessai from Ninja Scroll.