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The Fire Demon (焔口鬼) is the secret weapon of the Burning Dawn, a massive and heavily armed warship designed to be the instrument with which the Burning Dawn could defeat the samurai lords of Japan. The Fire Demon was built by slaves, captured from villages in the domain of Gohda Matsunoshin (and presumably that of Lord Toda), and housed in the Kansen Caverns until it was ready to launch. Lady Kagami was forced to launch the Fire Demon before she had intended to after the Caverns were discovered by Rikimaru and Ayame.

Design and Armament

The Fire Demon was essentially a floating fortress, complete with a four-level pagoda and a Noh stage, kept afloat by a large galleon attached to each side. Each component ship was likely at least one hundred feet tall. Each ship also had a large hold.

The Fire Demon's main weapon was a massive double cannon mounted on the fore of the ship. The guns' range was such that they could hit the highest tower of Gohda Castle from halfway out into the harbor.

In addition to the main guns, the ship had heavy armor and enough space and supplies to support a complement of hundreds of ninja.

Fate of the Fire Demon

Kagami, assisted by her three remaining Lords of the Burning Dawn, led the Fire Demon to attack Gohda Castle. The ship opened fire on the castle, causing severe damage, killing at least two servants, and starting a fire inside. Gohda's forces counterattacked, led by Tachibana Jubei and assisted by Rikimaru. Rikimaru dispatched all the ninja in surrounding boats and most of those on deck, and Jubei and his samurai army wiped out the rest.

After the leaders of the Burning Dawn had been defeated, Rikimaru reported the victory to Lord Gohda, who ordered his men to attack the ship with flaming arrows. The ship caught fire, and when the blaze reached the powder magazine of the main guns, the Fire Demon exploded and sank into Gohda Harbor.

Casualties Aboard

  • Countless ninja
  • Many Gohda samurai
  • Kagami
  • Tatsumaru
  • Tachibana Jubei
  • Genbu, the Green Titan