Tenchu Wiki
Gender Male
Occupation Businessman (corrupt)
Affiliation Echigoya trade empire
Weapon Matchlock Gun
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Echigoya (越後屋?) was a corrupt businessman. He had a bodyguard by the name of Hanbe Sasaki. He had a son named Tokubei Echigoya.


Echigoya is a successful but depraved businessman who has committed appalling atrocities to amass his wealth such as illegal smuggling of drugs and weapons, loan sharking, and female traffiking when it became evident that becoming a honest business won't enable him to outperform his rivals. He also arguably stands out among greedy people in his time due to being the worst, and believes that he can do anything as long as he has his money. A testament of this best displayed when he took a good measure of control over the law itself by bribing authorities to avoid persecution.

In response of this, Lord Gohda dispatched one of his best Azuma ninjas (Rikimaru/Ayame) to assassinate him in response of severity of his crimes. The said ninja managed to find him in his residence in time to interrupt his attempts in harassing a young girl (plausibly one of daughters of people he oppressed). This turn of events begins to unveil the true, cowardly side of the depraved man who summoned Hanbe Sasaki to fight for his behalf. Retreating into his treasure hold, he eventually found and executed by the Azuma ninja for his crimes. While it can be argued that he can still be properly prosecuted by more lawful means (arrested), the consequence is undeniably same.

Unfortunately, despite his karmic death, this doesn't deter the rest of his family from changing their ways, and thus are doomed to repeat their history.


Echigoya had no abilities worthy of note, and he doesn't put up much fight, simply running out of danger like a coward.

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