Dog Bone In Stealth Assassins

The Dog Bone (忍犬 Ninken) is an item used by the Azuma ninja to summon Semimaru.


Tenchu: Stealth AssassinsEdit

Summons Semimaru who will support the user in fights until his energy is reduced to 0. Semimaru wont follow Rikumaru or Ayame through a mission, so only use this item during fights. Must get a Grand Master Rank in the mission Reclaim the Castle. There is a limit of 3 Dog Bones in this game.

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven Edit

Summons Semimaru to aid. Semimaru will fight at your side for 40 seconds or until the user hits him. He can’t follow through a mission so just call him when an enemy is in sight. The enemies won’t attack Semimaru. His attacks, if not blocked, will deal 8 points of damage. Ayame must get a rank of Grand Master in the mission Rescue Council Sekiya whereas Rikimaru needs one in Cross the Ronin Village. The limit has been significantly changed to 5 in this game.

Tenchu Z Edit

Summons a Semimaru who will distract and lead away opponents so that the user can sneak past heavily guarded places. The user can't guide the Semimaru, but the dog will attract enemies easily and will walk towards the nearest guard. The Semimaru will distract the guards for about 15-20 seconds, then walk away. The enemies won't attack Semimaru. It's best to quickly dash to your designated spot before the Semimaru walks away, as the guards will walk back to their original positions afterwards.