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OniKage 8Tengu8 OniKage 8Tengu8 23 November 2012

Guard type enemys

I'm wondering why most of the guard type enemys don't have there own stats and pictures with how long there sight is and whats there attack moves they use.

Its very strange for wiki for not to have anything really much about them unless no one has put them on wiki yet?

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OniKage 8Tengu8 OniKage 8Tengu8 22 November 2012

Tenchu Profession.

Tenchu: Onikage Tengu.

I am a Professional Tenchu Stealth assassin, with the Izayoi in hand and the skills of a master, from Wrath Of Heaven to Tenchu Z Playing with a heightened sense of creativity and ingenuity i raise to the top grand mastering all tenchu's games that i've played and loved so much.

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Rati Chanprasit Rati Chanprasit 12 September 2011

About kunoichi section.

Maybe I should split kunoichi to their own character page like Phantom Stranger did with other enemies and change their description wider instead of abilities list, to avoid gameplay combat spoiler?

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Rati Chanprasit Rati Chanprasit 7 August 2011

About photo that doesn't appear.

I uploaded gif files in kunoichi page but their thumpnails aren't appear. And can't be selected to add in album. What should I do? And how can I tell admin to delete them?

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